ART in NATURE: Aldeaduero, Spain – Angel Orensanz Territory

Art in Nature and the ‘Orensanz Territory’ – Aldeaduero, Spain

News Update: Angel Orensanz at Aldeaduero, Spain – March 2014

Orensanz Territory - art in nature -Angel Orensanz - NYC - Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts

Angel Orensanz with the President of the Council of Salamanca Javier Iglesias at the dedication of the Orensanz Territory.

This past Monday, March 17, 2014, we at the Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts celebrated the inauguration of the “art in nature”-focused Orensanz Territory in Aldeaduero, Spain. The distinguished honor was bestowed upon sculptor Angel Orensanz in respect to his commissioned environmental art work in the beautiful regional landscape of the Spanish countryside.

Since the release of this announcement, photo documentation has poured in from the Spanish media coverage of the Aldeaduero region and the Orensanz Territory. Television and Online News reporters swarmed to the artist and the honored guests in attendance for the inauguration which included the President of the Council of Salamanca, Javier Iglesias and the Director of Tourism for Castilla and Leon.

Scroll down for the latest images of this incredibly special event.

Orensanz Territory - art in nature - Angel Orensanz - NYC - Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts

Angel Orensanz presents a copy of his book and other publications to President of the Council Javier Iglesias.

Press and honoree Angel Orensanz congregate beneath the artist’s “Mountain Sculpture.”

Orensanz Territory - art in nature -Angel Orensanz - NYC - Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts

Gathering of media attendants documenting the inaugural speech at the Orensanz Territory.

Sculptor Orensanz addresses the media in Aldeaduero.

Orensanz Territory - art in nature - Angel Orensanz - NYC - Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts

Sculptor Angel Orensanz converses Castilla and Leon TV, under the watchful eyes of the President of the council, Javier Iglesias.

For more information about Territory Orensanz, art in nature, and the artist’s long history with the region of Aldeaduero, Spain, check out the newest Winter 2014 issue of ARTSCAPE Magazine, available now online or in print!

Art News – Angel Orensanz Foundation Newsletter 26

Art News - Angel Orensanz Foundation Newsletter 26

Art News – Angel Orensanz Foundation Newsletter 26

Art News-Angel Orensanz Foundation Newsletter 26

San Fermines. Street theater.
Aldeaduero. Mountain drama.
Tahrir. Street Theater.
Saint Petersburg.  Photography of Dreams.

Dramatic works for awesome contexts.

San Fermines in Pamplona (Spain), the mountains of Aldeaduero in Extremadura; Tahir Square en El Cairo and the Museum of the Academy of Arts of St. Petersburg are four locales in three European countries from one end of the Continent to the other. IT takes a brutal synergy and boundless imagination to erect and maintain all four installations simultaneously. You can find all these in the Art News – Angel Orensanz Foundation Newsletter 26.

The San Fermines

The San Fermines refers to the epic, massive bull runs through the narrow streets of Pamplona (Northern Spain) every year in early July. Thousands of young people run ahead and behind hordes of bulls on their way to the bull ring during the San Fermines festivals.  The deadly risk and the thrill thread on each other. Angel Orensanz has captured well the climax and spasm of the event. 

The Aldeaduero Mountains

In the mountains of Extramadura, near the frontier with Portugal, Orensanz has materialized the dreams and fantasies   of a population that is in equal part rural and urban.

The Tahrir Square

The Tahrir Square tales as narrated by Angel Orensanz in his drawings consists of visual narratives delivered a long period of time. They follow the masses that carry very pointed but unarticulated messages. The accents and nuances change by the week and the day. The social language is a western cultural accoutrement developed over the last four hundred years. It was refined and perfected over the last hundred years. It is, though totally to non western social and cultural traditions.

It is painful to see the Western correspondents or the local correspondents working for western media channeling complex social and political local realities into western formulations.  The verbal formulations and the photographic illustrations betray an alien matrix that returns every night in unexpected and disconnected formulations. It is precisely at this juncture that we appreciate best the conceptual delivery of Angel Orensanz through his drawings and graphic commentaries. They can be photographic or drawing based. 

Saint Petersburg Photographs

Orensanz’s Photograph portray a large array of flowers and vegetarian motives like frescoes or ornamental garlands from epitaphs. Flowers and floral ornamentation have that aura of distant antiquity and a wide world language that conveys deep feelings of awe and respect. Floral arrangements have been associated with funeral practices and farewell situations with heroic receptions and catastrophic departures. These are all high dimension feelings in which the heroic and massive feelings are publicly and openly expected and welcomed.These are four locales and four tense and ultra sensitive points of community and communitarian sensitivity. The eruption of the unexpected and the surprising come accompanied by the emotional and ultra expressive.

Angel Orensanz arrives to Aldeaduero building an Art Paradise

Building an Art Paradise;The territories of Aldeaduero (Salamanca, Spain) have remained away from the view of the European Continent for thousands of years; and from its industrial development for hundreds of years. Those valleys and mountain ranges have been distant and silent for a very long time. But just now, a group of clairvoyant, local entrepreneurs, in those territories of Salamanca are bringing Aldeaduero to the forefront of the world.

arte y naturaleza - Aldeaduero-art paradise

Art and Nature – Angel Orensanz – An Art Paradise in Aldeaduero

Sculptor Angel Orensanz has worked in water front projects at the waterfalls of Sagadaira (Japan); in large urban parks like Holland Park (London), and the regional train station of Sarria in Barcelona. He built even a sculpture concept very similar to the one of Aldeaduero at the very entrance of his Foundation in New York, in Downtown Manhattan; where a small wood of steel tree trunks welcomes you to his building on Norfolk St.

Sculptor Angel Orensanz, to whom the mountains have been dedicated was recently invited by cultural leaders of these lands in Western Spain. He is helping them in their plans to craft a vision of an art paradise that maintains hundreds of years of tenancy of these lands and is now opening itself to a conscientious postindustrial population.

arte y naturaleza - Aldea Duero- Art paradise

Cylinders at Aldeaduero – Work by Sculptor Angel Orensanz

Angel Orensanz is already at work designing concepts and elements that blend with the skin of the mountains, valleys and riverbanks around Aldeaduero. They serve as land marks in the crests and woodlands. He is building invitational sentries and pathways that excite the old and new visitors. The project is a flexible concept of cooperating and listening, stimulating and provoking new possibilities. His goal is to erect a few structures and ensembles out of observation and connivance, not out of a master plan or an ideology. Angel Orensanz has always been carrying his own internal dialogue with his birth territory in the Spanish Pyrenees, in the border with France.

The main goal is to enrich these lands with three sculpture concepts that Angel Orensanz develops with the support of a group of community leaders and turn it into an Art Paradise. One of his three concepts is a large group of vertical cylinders in concrete. They are no less than 27 units. They are located in several mountains tops and valleys. Angel Orensanz has developed as well a large star in wood with a radius of twelve meters long arms. The third element is a large ship that will not be displayed on the waters of the river Duero but will be accessible on the mountain top of a very high peak.

In a way, there is a similarity with the Park Guell by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona. Angel Orensanz lived for many years next to Park Guell and other buildings by Gaudi in Barcelona; but the syntax in Aldeaduero is very different. The totality of the open, wild forests, rivers and rock formations are an essential element of the park. The sculptures stress the in-built harmony of these lands. It definitely moves away from the model of the European urban Park, say Hyde Park, or the American model of Central Park.

Arte y Naturaleza – Angel Orensanz llega a Aldeaduero y reconstruye el paraíso

Arte y Naturaleza; Los territorios de Aldeaduero han estado alejados del centro de Europa  durante miles de años; y del desarrollo urbano e industrial  durante cientos de años.   El progreso industrial y la historia cultural europea  fueron construidos lejos de estas tierras. Pero ahora mismo un grupo de clarividentes dirigentes locales de estos territorios del sur de Europa  están llevando Aldeaduero a la atención del  mundo.

arte y naturaleza - Aldeaduero

Art and Nature – Angel Orensanz’s work in Aldeaduero

El escultor Angel Orensanz ha sido invitado por expertos  de estas tierras. Les está ayudando en sus planes de trazar una visión que mantiene los principios de cientos de años de atención a estos montes,  que ahora  se abren a la sociedad posindustrial con una vision de Arte y Naturaleza.

Angel Orensanz está ya trabajando conceptos y elementos  que empalman con la piel de esas montañas, valles y riberas. Sus esculturas de materiales crecidos allí mismo son piedra, madera y cerámica. Sirven de indicadores para las riberas de los ríos. Su meta es erigir estructuras y piezas a partir de la observación y la convivencia;  nunca a partir de un plan estricto  o de una ideología.  Angel Orensanz ha mantenido siempre, desde su primera niñez, un dialogo interno con la naturaleza de los montes y cordilleras, iniciado en sus Pirineos nativos en la frontera con Francia.

arte y naturaleza - Aldea Duero

Cylinders at Aldeaduero – Work by Sculptor Angel Orensanz

Para integrar arte y naturaleza Angel Orensanz juega con tres conceptos principales  que lleva a cabo con el apoyo de los líderes locales de Aldeaduero. Se trata de una serie de cilindros verticales de cemento encofrado; unos 27.  Aparecen poco a poco en cumbres y en valles. Orensanz esta diseñando además una estrella de grandes dimensiones  con radio de doce metros de largo.  El tercer elemento es una barca de grandes dimensiones  que no se mostrara sobre las aguas del rio Duero sino que será visible en una cumbre elevada.

Existe una cierta  similitud con el Parque Guell de Antonio Gaudi en Barcelona, pero con una sintaxis bien diferente. La totalidad de sus bosques son abiertos y salvajes. Aquí los elementos esenciales son las formaciones de bosques, ríos y muros rocosos. Las esculturas simplemente destacan y enfatizan los elementos naturales. Definitivamente, Aldeaduero se mueve por parámetros diferentes a los del parque europeo y también al concepto británico de parque (Holland Park);  conectaría más  con el concepto americano de parque y lo estaría prolongando bien hacia el siglo veintiuno.