Art in the news – Angel Orensanz Foundation – Newsletter 25

Art in the News-The Angel Orensanz Foundation Monthly Newsletter #25, May-June, 2013.

Art in the news - Angel Orensanz Foundation Newsletter #25

The Angel Orensanz Foundation just released it’s Monthly Newsletter #25, May-June, 2013. In this issue you will find more art in the news about Angel orensanz and it’s work around the world.

We’ll be able to see Orensanz preforming at Art Basel 2013, The Venice Art  Biennlale, the  Aviff Cannes film festival 2013 and an amazing interpretation of the Taksim Saquare revolt in Turkey.


Angel Orensanz in venice

Angel Orensanz with his sphere in the Venice biennale

The Titanic That Never Arrived To New York – Angel Orensanz

This is a very conceptual and beautiful art work by Angel Orensanz in New York on the Unsinkable Ship, The Titanic.


The Titanic that never arrived to NY is a series of interpretations and sculptorical reconstructions carried in New York by sculptor Angel Orensanz of a world iconic tragedy. It has captivated Ireland, Great Britain and the US with its tragic narrative of Homeric proportions. It is a world event, a cogent narrative, and constantly referenced within art. Over the last 4 years Angel Orensanz has developed an ongoing visual narrative about this iconic tragedy.Several passengers of the ill fated vessel were associated with our building. As a matter of fact, a couple depicted in James Cameron’s film as drowning  by the rising tide in their chamber were members of our community of Norfolk St. in Manhattan. But what has made Angel Orensanz come back again and again to the subject matter is the powerful narrative that music, theatre, the text, the photography, and the films have built across the generations.  Nothing so compelling since the Greek classics has been written about perpetual fight between nature, human progress and catastrophe. The Greek and Roman writers and sculptors selected current episodes and made them into dramas of universal appeal.Over the course of two years Angel Orensanz used for long periods of time the dramatic spaces of his Foundation building in Lower Manhattan installing and readjusting landscapes of color fabrics and theatrical lights, smoke and water to build narratives of this episode that portray the colossal fight between humans, machines, and nature.

The Titanic that Never Arrived- by Angel Orensanz

The Titanic that Never Arrived- by Angel Orensanz

The exhibition has been installed and is visited by hundreds of people who explore the areas of the Museum that function on the Foundation’s higher floors. From its wide windows you can see the East River shores, what used to be the Port of New York and where the Titanic was expected to dock.  Japanese Television got wind of this installation and taped the sculptural construction, making it into a cogent documentary that broadcast to all of Japan live on TV. The tape is available for free from the Foundation and is 10 minutes long.