CHARLES L. MEE’S THE FOUR SEASONS at The Angel Orensanz Foundation

Merchants Hall STAGE Series and Goodsight-Patorti Productions Present:

The Four Seasons is an electric dream-like experience involving a team of over 100 actors,singers, and dancers.

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons at The Angel Orensanz Foundation


NEW YORK CITY, NY — July 5, 2013
It’s the final countdown! We’re less than a week away from our world premiere performance! From exploring in sight specific outdoor rehearsals, to studying opera/dance, and with the incorporation of artists coming from five different states, this show is ready to be shared with an audience. Check out our attached rehearsal photographs taken by our resident photographer Kristin Wessling to get a small taste of
what is yet to come!

Directed by Jacob W. Patorti

Music by Robbie Torres
Choreography by Kacey Hauk
The Angel Orensanz Center
172 Norfolk St. NYC 10002
July 5, 2013.
5:00PM 7:30PM and 10:00PM

A limited number of student rush tickets will be available for each of the performances the
morning of July 5th at 10:30am. The price of the tickets is $15 with a valid student ID and they will be sold outside of The Angel Orensanz Center on Norfolk Street. A $20 ticket lottery will take place at 4:00 pm in the same location.The drawing will take place at 4:40 pm

Art in the news – Angel Orensanz Foundation – Newsletter 25

Art in the News-The Angel Orensanz Foundation Monthly Newsletter #25, May-June, 2013.

Art in the news - Angel Orensanz Foundation Newsletter #25

The Angel Orensanz Foundation just released it’s Monthly Newsletter #25, May-June, 2013. In this issue you will find more art in the news about Angel orensanz and it’s work around the world.

We’ll be able to see Orensanz preforming at Art Basel 2013, The Venice Art  Biennlale, the  Aviff Cannes film festival 2013 and an amazing interpretation of the Taksim Saquare revolt in Turkey.


Angel Orensanz in venice

Angel Orensanz with his sphere in the Venice biennale

Press Release: Angel Orensanz To Appear At Aviff Cannes Film Festival 2013

Aviff Cannes Film Festival 2013 is a visual annual arts exhibition within the world famous Cannes Film Festival. It has already positioned itself among the highly respected international art films awards festivals. Aviff takes place this May 21, 22 and 23. “The Titanic that never arrived“& ‘Sundance” are the titles with which Angel Orensanz participates.

This year France  the Aviff Cannes Film Festival is represented with 8 visual artists; Iran with 4; England, Iran and South Africa with 3; South Africa with 3; USA and Japan with 1. Among the participants this year are Aldo Lee (Japan) with: “Fukushima mon amour”, ” Juan Carlos Zaldivar (USA) with “Shift”; Koorosh Asgari (Iran ) with : “Shahrzad”; Mahmood Nouraie; (Iran) with: “Wind & Death”; Thomas Dorman from South Africa with “Alone; Thomas Dorman (South Africa) with the film “The lovers” -

Angel Orensanz is the author of about 15 short movies that include landscapes and events that are part of his art productions worldwide. He uses techniques associated with the cinema verite and the narrative movie making. His visual stories and documentaries always include harrowing landscapes in which rocks, water and forests exude magic.”

The pieces participating in the current festival have all the freshness and innovative spirit of new director’s films. They are endowed with enthusiasm and absolute freedom that are too risky to move over to the big screen and the red carpets.

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Angel Orensanz At Aviff Cannes Film Festival 2013