Angel Orensanz for Art Palm Beach 2014

The Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts and Contemporary Art Gallery Returns to Art Palm Beach 2014

Zoe V. Speas; The Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts


The Angel Orensanz Gallery and Museum is pleased to announce its participation in Art Palm Beach, January 23-27, 2014.

Art Palm Beach 2014

Artist Angel Orensanz exhibits permanently at the former “Norfolk Street Synagogue”, home to the Orensanz Museum and Gallery. Orensanz will attend the Art Palm Beach 2014 fair.

The Gallery will present The Collective Unconscious, a series of dramatic new sculptures and paintings by Spanish artist Angel Orensanz. Orensanz has been exhibiting internationally since the 1960s and has a permanent exhibit at the Orensanz Foundation, located inside the former “Norfolk Street Synagogue” in New York City’s Lower East Side.

Burning Bronzes

Art Palm Beach 2014, Angel Orensanz, Burning Bronzes

From the Burning Bronzes episode of the Collective Unconscious series, which Angel Orensanz will present at the Art Palm Beach 2014 fair.

Burning Bronzes, a series of miniature-to-middle scale sculptures, speaks to the artist’s journey from Earth and Land Art into his current medium.

Working with the bronze and stoneware, according to Orensanz, “brings me into closer communion with the earth through my art.”

The sculptures on display will represent a continuation of the artist’s study of the human form and its manipulation, while paying homage to a tradition of indigenous art from around the world.


Bodies - Angel Orensanz - Art Palm Beach 2014

From the ‘Bodies‘ series by Angel Orensanz – an exploration of the human figure continues this winter at Art Palm Beach 2014.

Bodies consists of an incredibly diverse sequence of drawings in charcoal, graphite, ink, and, occasionally, coffee grounds. Angel Orensanz explores human anatomy through a highly vibrant mix of line weight and texture.

Angel Orensanz - Art Palm Beach 2014 - Sculpture

1961. Dinosaurio. Unknown location. Angel Orensanz.

The figures he depicts contort and bend in an expression ranging from agony to ecstasy.

Orensanz began his training in the 1950s at L’Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris with in-depth, literal study of the human body. Over the decades, his use of “body” and “form” has become an abstraction and a metaphor for the human condition and for the current project, Collective Unconscious.


The Language of Fire

Language of Fire - Angel Orensanz - Art Palm Beach 2014.

Angel Orensanz presents the Language of Fire as part of the upcoming Collective Unconscious exhibit for Art Palm Beach 2014.

Language of Fire bridges the worlds of painting, sculpture, and photography. Through his use of fire, plastics, and vivid color, Angel Orensanz illustrates the universal language of creativity, which defies boundaries of nationality and race. The artist employs a range of scale and perspective in these living photographs, verging almost into the realm of optical illusion. The images are often reflections and, being taken from the artist’s perspective, the shadow of Angel Orensanz’s figure may often be found within the complex layers of each portrait.

A comprehensive catalog with accompanying essays will be produced for the purpose of the artist’s participation in Art Palm Beach 2014.


For more information on Art Palm Beach 2014:

Media Inquiries: The Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts, 212.529.7194.

Fair Hours:  Preview – January 23rd 6:00-7:30pm; Collectors Invitational 7:30-10:00pm; January 24th-27th 12-7pm (6:00pm on the 27th).

Location: Palm Beach County Convention Center, 650 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Verbal Communication and the Art of Conversation.

What is verbal communication?

by: Al Orensanz, DirectorThe Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts

Angel Orensanz - The Language of Fire - what is verbal communication

From Angel Orensanz’s The Language of Fire – what is verbal communication? It’s the same as the dialogue between an artist and his medium.

What is verbal communication?Conversation exists as a link between diverse minds, characters and perspectives. The immediate participants are the speakers, each equipped with a specific set of languages, registers, labels and linguistic codes.

For verbal communication  to transpire, it requires a gathering of multiple, individual minds.

These include first and foremost the minds of the main participants, but might also include some silent, distant contributors incorporated through references, quotations, pictures, video, digital background and other forms of participation. Such stimuli—TV stories and imageries that burst from the depths of distant memories—can trigger points of conversation simply by association.  That way, the verbal communication and conversation becomes multiple in the sense that interactions occur not only between the interlocutors involved, but between the environment of the room, of the urban landscape, or the countryside, which slips into and colors the content of what is being said and introduced.

There is no such thing as a spontaneous conversation.

Angel Orensanz - What is verbal communication - The Language of Fire

Selection of photo art from Angel Orensanz’s LANGUAGE OF FIRE.

We are not inventing our language as we speak; language pre-exists all our encounters. Our words and sentences were formulated, coined and exchanged long before the moment of communication. In addition, conversation does not occur in a void or in vacuum.

what is verbal communication?

Photo-Exhibit by Angel Orensanz at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts

Every sentence we might think to organize has been uttered and reformulated countless times before for a variety of contexts and goals. Such previous verbal incarnations provides the key to our understanding of statements uttered in any language or in any script, once the morphology has been detected and reconstructed.

Love TEDTalks? So do we. Check out this video about by Steven Pinker: What our Language Habits Reveal – What is verbal communication?

Angel Orensanz - what is verbal communication? - Light Matter

From Angel Orensanz’s LIGHT MATTER. What is verbal communication? An interplay between the participant and his environment, much like Angel Orensanz’s interaction with physical space in his art.

Conversation is always creative and innovative. It determines the pathways of our mind and the formulation of our sentences. It measures the appropriateness of questions and their answers, of statements and the silence of a gesture, of the accents of formulation and the position of the speaker.

The ingenuity of conversation allows us to process several lines of thought coming from multiple different speakers simultaneously. Despite the crowded environment of numerous strains of verbal communication, we are able to register one main line of discourse, towards which the various lateral and collateral observations are ascribed and formulated.

Angel Orensanz - The Language of Fire - What is verbal communication

What is verbal communication? “There is no such thing as a spontaneous conversation.” Angel Orensanz’s The Language of Fire

In a dialogue with multiple participants, it becomes the most clear it is the logos, the verbal communication, the language that first and foremost prevails and manifests itself. In the course of our inevitable departure from the original pathways of conversation, conflicting lines of thought and perception are constantly re-assembled. Therefore, the internal plurality of all truth becomes patent and operative. It becomes truly dialogue.

A Lapse in Art: The Government Shutdown

A Lapse in Art: The Government Shutdown

Closing Up Shop and Shutting Down the Museums?

by: Zoe V. Speas

It’s finally here. The long-awaited school trip of an eighth grade class from Small Town, USA to Washington D.C. The itinerary has been set, tickets purchased, museums targeted as essential tourism destinations.

After many hours and countless dollars spent in tolls, fuel, and hotel reservations, they’ve arrived inside the city limits of our nation’s capital, which teems with experiences that will last any young student and their chaperones for a lifetime.

And then it hits – the shutdown.

 government shutdown



Imagine the young minds and future leaders of our country as they tumble out of cramped seats on overcrowded buses. Imagine as they arrive upon the steps of the National Museum of American History or the United States Holocaust Museum or ANY BRANCH OF THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION to discover:

This Museum has been closed due to the shutdown of the Federal Government. It will reopen when the Federal Government resumes operations.

This is where it hits home. The cultivation of knowledge and historical significance effectively impeded by the inability of our leaders in Washington, D.C. to come to an agreement about the appropriations of funds?

On the United States Government homepage, with its oddly disconcerting slogan – “Government Made Easy” – a list of the effects of the government shutdown may be found for information on what exactly the shutdown means to us.

There’s a long bulleted list of the institutions whose operations have been suspended, followed by a shorter list of five vital organizations of the government that proceed uninhibited by the shutdown.

government shutdown

This is by no means to diminish from these aspects of our government as any less significant than we hold them to be. They continue to operate because we, on an individual level, would be virtually unable to function without them.

That being said, click below on the museum webpages for our invaluable government-funded programs in Washington, D.C. Look at their statuses.

The Museum of American History.

government shutdown

The United States Holocaust Museum.

government shutdown


The American Art Museum.

government shutdown

The National Park Service. 

government shutdown

All closed.

Fun activity?


Click on the museums found on the Government-sponsored museum homepage and explore the various manners – and various level of subtlety – with which each website has used to announce the suspension of their activities.

government shutdown

When her home catches fire, a mother looks immediately towards her child out of an instinct to save and protect. The fire alarm goes off in our place of work or in our homes, and we reach out to grab the items we cannot live without. It’s human nature.

Yesterday, the fire that threatened us to make the toughest choices as citizens of our country closed the doors to museums, barricaded memorials, and left the trash to sit uncollected in the National Mall as a result of the first government shut-down in 17 years.

At the end of the day, we let art and history burn for the sake of the greater good.

We’ll pick up the pieces and reopen the doors when the fire goes out. We’ll be grateful for the soldiers who continued to defend our freedom, for the prison guards and air traffic controllers who kept us safe, and to the government workers who delivered our paychecks.

But are we brave enough to look a little deeper and ask the uncomfortable questions? Can we live with the implications of our choices?

Examine what this says about our country. Our government. Our culture and our people. What does it say about you?



Reflectant Universe is a work of Angel Orensanz was on view at the Water Museum of Lisbon, Portugal. The Water museum itself was turned into a piece of art. Sculptor Angel Orensanz  transformed the central massive pool of water into a water sculpture by affecting it with video projections of films from the collection of Film and Video Library of  MoMa New York,  (edited by Donna Cameron), and with large sculpture pieces in PVC and neon constructed in Lisbon.

Encircling the central installation was a parade of 18 years of his drawings and paintings that filled the arched space giving guard to the central water piece. The walls o the Water Museum an 18th century architectural landmark supported 12 huge digital tapestries from Orensanz’s “Burning Universe”, first exhibited in Venice during the Biennale of 2003 at palazzo Malipiero and other locations along the Gran Canal.

reflectant universe by Angel Orensanz photo exhibition

Reflectant Universt by Sculptor Angel Orensanz

These structures and elements of The Reflectant Universe: sculpture, video, drawings and painting moved in circles embracing and reflecting over each other in a shimmering superimposition of reflections. Orensanz commented on his way from New York to Portugal:”I have designed this exhibition as a metaphor for a world inverted in itself that reverberates from its unsettled depths all the way up. A world closed, although vibrant in itself “.

 Museum da Agua, Rua do Alviela, 12; Lisboa, Portugal.

Margarida Ruas, Directora

The spaces as extensions of the self.

The spaces as extensions of the self.

By Al Orensanz

photograph  by Angel Orenasnz - The self and Spaces

Angel Oresanz – The Self and Space

From the ancient times to the present, man has affirmed the self  or himself. Man has externalized himself and built himself as a beneficiary of architecture and a contending force with buildings and architecture. It seems that the building formalized a set of tasks that manifest the extensions of the human self into the surrounding environment.

The first “construction” was the adaptation of the surrounding materials both for protection from the environment and for affirmation of the self. The indoors is where the thought and the dialogue grew into self-introspection and organization from an intractable and uncontrollable surrounding. The interior space helped defined the proper proportions of the individual and of the group.

Photo-Art by Angel Orensanz

Photo-Art by Angel Orensanz

The indoors established the dialogue and the community. It established the individuality, the memory and the authority. Outside of the entrance laid out the borderless, the cosmic, the dangerous and the seasonal. From then on there was space and a time for laying down the foundations of society, of dialogue, of social order, of exchange, memory and of leisure. The caves are the oldest surviving records of human communication and memory; and the paradigm of the earliest forms of community and social order.

Art Installation by Angel Orensanz

Art Installation by Angel Orensanz – The Self and the Space

From Altamira to Lascaux the human experience has moved by leaps and bounds towards more and more sophisticated forms of separation from the surrounding brutality and chaos and moved into  propitious expanses propitious to dialogue and   group communications.

In another step forward, the cave propitiated self-inspection and introspection. It propitiated as well the beginnings of writing and painting and other levels of communication.

Angel Orensanz has done different installations about this subject matter that  seduces mankind since it’s origins. The communication with the self, with our inner most trough the surrounding spaces we created or spaces mother nature provides for us.

Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts receives Angel Orensanz

Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts Kuindji Exhibitions Hall Angel Orensanz (USA-Spain), Member of the Russian Academy of Arts

Exhibit opening. August 1,  3-5 PM

Photo-Art by Angel Orensanz -exhibited at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts

Photo-Art by Angel Orensanz -exhibited at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts

Angel Orensanz is back at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts and has been known for his ambitious landscape and urban installations done in Japan, Russia, USA, Western Europe and other countries. This exhibit in St. Petersburg is very innovative in his intensive creativity.  For the very first time the  artist will present his photographs. Why in Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts? As Angel Orensanz proudly recognizes his artistic development has been greatly influenced by the giants of Russian Avant-garde as Kazimir Malevich, Vladimir Tatlin and others. All of them lived in Saint Petersburg.

On December 6, 2008 the  Grand Jury of International Film Festival of Monaco  awarded Angel Orensanz the Award for Surrealistic and Non Violent Art for his film “The Final Score” (Angel Orensanz  interpretation of Ingmar Bergman’s legendary  film “The Seventh Seal”)  . This project was carried with script, direction and photography by Angel Orensanz and with the technical support of the staff from the Museum of Modern Art of Wales. It was July 30 of 2007, when Angel Orensanz finished the film shooting of his film. That very day Ingmar Bergman passed away.

Photo-Art by Angel Orensanz -exhibited at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts

Photo-Art by Angel Orensanz -exhibiting at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts

Angel Orensanz and his artistic odyssey.

By Tatiana Borodina, Director of the Repin Museum, Russia.

In my opinion Angel Orensanz is an artist extraordinaire of postmodern thinking.Creativity – inspiration, time, place, and material depend on the circumstances and the mental attitude of the artist. His permanent state of his personality, the creative vision of the world feels like the world is a constantly changing installation, with installation ideas, discoveries, materials and spiritual creation. His mission and the meaning of his existence as an artist, consists in the creation of dramatic art objects, installations, sculptures, paintings and drawings. And in this desire to assert himself as an artist lies the emotional intensity, “nerve” of his works. The creations of Angel Orensanz come always accompanied with such suitable terms as enchantment, expression, inner tension and dynamism.

By and large these works remind us of the inseparable connection of outer space and human spirit, communication manifested, visible, intended to exist for a long time and the uniqueness of the moment of creation. They appear as already created, but temporary….

Angel Orensanz Exhibits at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts

Angel Orensanz recieving the certificate as Member of the Russian Academy of Art – Archive

As a master, with a professional training at the school (Ecole de Beaux-Art, Paris), he keeps in his work of many traditions, including the lessons of Russian avant-garde; and the passion and the expression of this artist’s intense personality are perfectly visible.

Orensanz who is presenting his work at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts, likes to work in a large space, and especially in open landscapes, be on the streets or in the open mountains and seashores. He is a very generous artist and has a powerful and a creative temperament. He is a most innovative creator, literally obsessed with art. He is ready to share with all the result of his enthusiastic passion for creation, the magic of his creation. He loves to decorate nature, and makes it an organized space for the arts. Art in the natural world and in total co-existence is one of the main themes of creativity Orensanz. It’s simple, but conceptually multifaceted. Comparison and interaction of two realities: the art object and landscape protection, their harmony and contrast, ¬the ability of change in the natural forms of the elements – create a new art-reality; and how often expressive, whole and beautiful it is. In his designs, even the most destructive, there is a highly complex symbolic imagery.  Another subject must see, and everyone will see it has his own way, from his point of view.

Materials of his works are: snow, flowers, light fabric, paper…. They are doomed to a short existence. Therefore, the artist captures the creation of the video and photos where they are stored in time – having this way a long life. The graphic works of Orensanz, are perceived as a stream of reflections of the artist.

 This exhibition extends until August 31st,  2013.

There is catalogue that accompanies this exhibition,  with an essay by Tatiana Borodina.

El escultor Angel Orensanz entra en la Plaza Tahrir de el Cairo

Precedido por un águila gigante y a caballo de un imaginario rocinante, Angel Orensanz ha entrado  en la Plaza Tahrir  de El Cairo.  Es una entrada conceptual, pero intensa y penetrante. El escultor español trata de adherirse y liderar una serie de marchas reivindicativas y transformadoras. Durante más de un ano estos movimientos populares están transformando la faz de todo el mundo árabe. Para ello Orensanz ha creado una enigmática águila que extiende sus alas protectoras y estimulantes.

Angel Orensanz art views of  Plaza Tahrir

Angel Orensanz art views on Plaza Tahrir revolts

Ahora mismo, esta águila la ha posado Orensanz sobre la Plaza Tahrir en el centro de El Cairo sobre docenas de miles de personas que piden y cantan la libertad popular.

Este concepto lo está plasmando Angel Orensanz en dibujos y fotos que van cubriendo un área de su museo en el corazón del Bajo Manhattan, donde radica su  Fundación. Allí serán visibles estas figuras vinculadas a ciudades y países que ha visto aparecer la Primavera Arabe.

La Fundación Angel  Orensanz de Nueva York prepara con esta documentación un libro que estará disponible para el mes de septiembre actual, en inglés, español y árabe y para distribución internacional.

Angel Orensanz flies an Eagle at Art Basel

Angel Orenanz has brought to Art Basel a spectacular participant. It is a resident of the mountainous region of Aldeaduero, right in the banks of the River Duero in the frontier with Portugal. This a majestic gigantic bird that Orensanz makes fly short distances in public corners of the city.

From the 13 to the 16th of June.

Angel Orensanz preforming at Art Basel

Angel Orensanz performing at Art Basel

Eagles left this part of Central Europe many centuries ago. What Angel Orensanz does is to stimulate the imagination of one of the most urban centers in Europe with an element that brings back other times and cultures when the urban and the rural coexisted in total harmony.

Angel Orensanz is developing a concept of inter exchanging the urban and the rural; the cultural and the wild at both ends of spectrum of the ordinary and the sophisticated perception.

By presenting this piece with a surprise approach, the visitor/participant is introduced to a new aesthetic perception. Now is not a question of encountering the formalized art piece but the unexpected one coming to you.   Angel Orensanz does not use the conventional art language but surprise ingredient; the eagle is already a staple of the traditional decorative arts but the live eagle is always alien to an art convention no matter how innovative or unconventional portends it.

Angel Orensanz will retain pictures of this citywide performance to be exhibited later in the art gallery of his Foundation in New York City in the Fall of this year.

Angel Orensanz has developed some dozen projects of art surprise, both in Europe and the USA. His first one consisted on a foldable tent that he inhabited and planted in all major European capitals such as Warsaw, London, Berlin, New York and Barcelona during the 1990’s.

A web site accompanies this and other “public interventions” that can be followed in Angel Orensanz web site.

Language Of Fire by Angel Orensanz

Language of Fire; Fire is a natural element charged with connotations of transcendence, punishment, purification and transience. All sacred books are filled with references and metaphors of fire. And so is daily life. In the hands of Angel Orensanz, fire is a sculptural material that is altered, animated, personalized and conjured. We need it close to our bodies but our bodies tremble in front of it, taking distance, precautions, fear and hallucinations.

Language Of Fire

Language Of Fire by Angel Orensanz

More pungent than matter itself fire is the halo of the matter, the hallucination of the explosion and the terror of the flame. Being inflamed is having lost the direction and context of everything that surrounds the individual.

The fire moves between the two poles of the light and the flame, between the warmth of the hearth and the devastation of the ashes, Fire stimulates dialogue and conversation and provokes fear and distance.


Language of Fire by Angel Orensanz

Language of Fire by Angel Orensanz

Language of Fire

In this  collection of Angel Orensanz artwork he uses flames and random elements that surround us. The photograph capture each moment, each movement of futility and makes it eternal.

Language of Fire by Angel Orensanz

Language of Fire by Angel Orensanz

Come and visit us!

Prints of this work will will be display at the Angel Orensanz Foundation for public viewing and it will be available for sale. from May 10th until June 15th between 10:am and 5:00 pm Mon – Fri. Saturdays by appointments only.

Angel Orensanz Foundation
172 Norfolk Street
New York, NY 10002