ART in NATURE: Aldeaduero, Spain – Angel Orensanz Territory

Art in Nature and the ‘Orensanz Territory’ – Aldeaduero, Spain

News Update: Angel Orensanz at Aldeaduero, Spain – March 2014

Orensanz Territory - art in nature -Angel Orensanz - NYC - Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts

Angel Orensanz with the President of the Council of Salamanca Javier Iglesias at the dedication of the Orensanz Territory.

This past Monday, March 17, 2014, we at the Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts celebrated the inauguration of the “art in nature”-focused Orensanz Territory in Aldeaduero, Spain. The distinguished honor was bestowed upon sculptor Angel Orensanz in respect to his commissioned environmental art work in the beautiful regional landscape of the Spanish countryside.

Since the release of this announcement, photo documentation has poured in from the Spanish media coverage of the Aldeaduero region and the Orensanz Territory. Television and Online News reporters swarmed to the artist and the honored guests in attendance for the inauguration which included the President of the Council of Salamanca, Javier Iglesias and the Director of Tourism for Castilla and Leon.

Scroll down for the latest images of this incredibly special event.

Orensanz Territory - art in nature - Angel Orensanz - NYC - Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts

Angel Orensanz presents a copy of his book and other publications to President of the Council Javier Iglesias.

Press and honoree Angel Orensanz congregate beneath the artist’s “Mountain Sculpture.”

Orensanz Territory - art in nature -Angel Orensanz - NYC - Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts

Gathering of media attendants documenting the inaugural speech at the Orensanz Territory.

Sculptor Orensanz addresses the media in Aldeaduero.

Orensanz Territory - art in nature - Angel Orensanz - NYC - Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts

Sculptor Angel Orensanz converses Castilla and Leon TV, under the watchful eyes of the President of the council, Javier Iglesias.

For more information about Territory Orensanz, art in nature, and the artist’s long history with the region of Aldeaduero, Spain, check out the newest Winter 2014 issue of ARTSCAPE Magazine, available now online or in print!

Aldeaduero, Spain: ART NEWS – The Angel Orensanz Territory

Angel Orensanz - Aldeaduero - Territory Orensanz -

Sculptor Angel Orensanz inspects the gorgeous views of Aldeaduero, Spain.

Aldeaduero, Spain Celebrates the Opening of the “Angel Orensanz Territory.”

March 17, 2014

New York City - St. Patrick'../../../Foundation/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/st-pats.jpg

St. Patrick’s Day in New York City – courtesy of

Today, the city of New York celebrates St. Patrick’s Day through a blur of emerald sequins, shamrocks, certain green-tinted beverages, and of course, the grand tradition of the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade that has drawn audiences to the streets of the city for over 250 years.

Southeast of the excitement that currently emanates from Fifth Avenue and 44th Street in Manhattan, the Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts celebrates another milestone in the career of its founding artist and sculptor Angel Orensanz. On this day in Aldeaduero, Spain, the local government establishes the “Territory Orensanz” along the famed banks of the river Duero.

Angel Orensanz - Aldeaduero - Territory Orensanz -

A series of sculptures by Angel Orensanz in Aldeduero, Spain.

The ceremony kicks off in Aldeaduero, Spain at 1pm this afternoon and will be attended by honoree Angel Orensanz, as well as His Excellency the President of the Council of Salamaca, Francisco Javier Garcia Iglesias and the Director General of Tourism of Castilla and Leon, Javier Ramirez Utrilla. Mayors and members of civil authority of the Portuguese-Spanish border countries as well as provincial, regional, and national representatives of Spain congregate for an official presentation of the environmental art installations of Angel Orensanz in the region.

Angel Orensanz - Aldeaduero - Territory Orensanz -

A series of sculptures by Angel Orensanz in Aldeaduero, Spain.

The work presented in Aldeaduero, Spain was installed by Orensanz with heavy influences of film production and large-scale industrial architecture. The iconic platform upon which the pieces operate serve as “proto-structures with references to ancient structures and instruments” such as Totems or trees that recall both archaic use and futuristic technology. 

These tubular elements with which Orensanz utilizes space have an expressive value about them which is highly poetic, almost musical. In this way does the art work in tandem with the regional climate of Aldeaduero, Spain – one of water, body, wind and clouds, and especially timelessness.

From the Aldeaduero, Spain regional tourism website:

“Facing the background of the physical universe, this language of Orensanz, as a minimal archetype, becomes an humanistic and idealistic sculpture : one that mimics nature but does not seek to represent her entirely.Its value is that of all human endeavor, conscious of its own limits and its own outputs. It is a language in which to contemplate the human being can be sublimated in beauty and find a new hope.”

Angel Orensanz - Aldeaduero - Territory Orensanz -

View of the Aldeaduero river in Spain, with sculpture by Angel Orensanz in the foreground.

Angel Orensanz continues his long artistic career as one of the pioneer creatures of the new century, and this step in Spain of establishing the Territorio Orensanz solidifies his identity as a “global artist.”At present, Orensanz’s work continues from his studio Paris, as well as here at the Foundation on Norfolk Street,  in Manhattan, New York. Both sites will continue to serve in correspondence with one another, as aglobal showcase linked to the installations in Aldeaduero

Angel Orensanz - Aldeaduero - Territory Orensanz -

Sculptor Angel Orensanz creates a work of living photo-art with patient donkey in Aldeaduero, Spain.








Nature has a rival (Angel Orensanz)

Angel Orensanz‘s new exhibition is here in New York City, right at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. Three weeks from now, the gallery will be open for you to see his bronze sculptures, drawings, and paintings in our gallery’s new exhibition, Burning Bronzes.


Until then, how about getting more acquainted with Angel‘s work? The internationally known French art critic Pierre Restany wrote a beautiful article about the Spanish artist that exposes the ways Angel Orensanz explores the ideas of movement, presence and absence. The article is available here.

Newsletter #19

It has been a while since our last edition, in which we talked about the past of Ludlow Street and how this landmark of the Lower East Side transformed itself to became one of the hippest areas in town. We also revealed the past of Aragon, the city where Angel Orensanz and his brother Al Orensanz (who will be publishing a book soon, so keep your eyes open!) were born. Finally, in that issue we told you about the contemporary artists Marilyn Minter and Walter Urbach. Want to remember? Just click here!

This time, we will tell you the story of how objects became artifacts through time, how they change and represent who we are and the time we live in. Also, we will talk about the Black Panther party and their relationship with the Angel Orensanz Foundation, in fact, did you know that Spike Lee, who directed the “Huey P. Newton Story” has a new movie? Yes, Red Hook Summer! Finally, we will tell you where Angel Orensanz has been and what he thinks about the English artist Sir Roland Penrose. One more thing, we interplay the connection between absence and presence. Curious, excited? No worries! Just click here and have fun! 

Angel in Spain

Today , the Angel Orensanz Foundation will talk about his idealizer Angel, and take you in a journey of the exhibitions the artist did in the country he was born, Spain. The artist moved to NYC in the 80,s. He feel in love with the abandoned synagogue in 172 Norfolk St. , in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and bought it. In 1992 it opened as the Angel Orensanz Foundation, a base for Angel to work and also a center for the arts. But he was never bound to a place; Angel traveled the world with his art and eventually was drawn back to Spain.

In fact, the Spanish sculptor has been exposing in the european country since 67, but that is just a little too long ago, so lets focus on the big installations of the last ten years.  In 2006 he did a exhibition in Castile, near Madrid, a two square kilometers depiction of Don Quijote and his fabled horse into the old land of Castile, where Cervantes envisioned him five hundred years ago. The show was made possible with the support of locals, something Angel always try to incorporate in his work.

“After a full year of international abuzz about Cervantes’ Don Quijote; after thousands of shows and lectures, political posturing and cultural ruminations, I thought that it was time to release Don Quijote itself into the very land where his creator placed him.” – Angel Orensanz

Two years after, in 2008, he celebrated one of his favorite forms, the sphere with the implementation of a 15 feet diameter sculpture piece in front of the World Trade Center, in the capital city of Aragon, Zaragoza. The sculpture traveled until its final destination in a parade of civic pride and art celebration and the crowds flanked the center of the city and the avenues en route to the sculpture’s destination.


 ”It is the most universal concept in human culture, from Parmenides to Einstein. This one in steel is a final version of a transparent one that I built in New York, and rolled down Fifth Avenue, from the Metropolitan Museum to City Hall to mourn the tragic events of September 11. This sphere portrays a new world in constant transition and redefinition of itself,” – Angel Orensanz

From the capital of Aragon, he went to the capital of Spain, Madrid, where he exposed in the Museo del Traje, the exhibition called Paradigmas, invaded the museum’s extensive gardens, with site-specific sculptural installations. The bright and colorful fabrics hang from the trees, are intertwined in the entrance’s rotunda and enmeshed in the fountains, inviting the viewer to observe the constant dialogue that takes place between the artist and nature.


Finally, his most recent work in Spain is still visible in the University of Barcelona, more specifically in the gardens (Angel is fond of nature and the relationships in can create) of its historic building, in Barcelona, where Angel is exposing the exhibit  “Time, Space and Innovation”

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A heart for Spain

Angel Orensanz exhibition “Time, Space and Innovation” continues flawlessly at the University of Barcelona. The entrance hall of the University’s historic building is lavishing with a selection of Angel’ssculptures and reliefs. On the other side of the building, the garden is decorated with textile elements installed into the environment’s natural floral surroundings.

Time, Space, Innovation, Barcelona, Spain

The entrance hall exhibit is being held for one more month exactly and will be taken down on the 27th of July, the garden instillation, however, will be open to the public untill the 14th of September. We can surely argue which location (NYC or Spain) fits his perception of “home” most suitably. Although he has been a native of NYC since the 80′s, Orensanz was born in Laures, Aragon, Spain and returns to his country of birth frequently.

Sphere of the World, Zaragoza, Spain

The dedication to his relationship with Spain is no secret. Since the 1960′s he has been installing sculptures and inviting the public to explore the art space both physically and emotionally. His instillations are powerful, invoking meaning in politics, religion, and a dichotomy between art and nature. His artistic narratives has magnetically captured the public eye in every country he’s traveled to.   They say, “home is where the heart is.” Certainly, somewhere inside of each steel, metal, or copper instilation holds the heart of Angel Orensanz.

Newsletter #18 is out!

Hey Everyone, check out the Angel Orensanz Foundation Newsletter #18. We discuss everything from the hottest artists, the history of the Lower East Side and of course the recent updates of Mr. Angel Orensanz himself!

In this article we time travel to parts of the oldest territories of Aragon, one of the uppermost regions of Spain. We explore the controversies and criticism that artists face while publicizing their work as well as many other intriguing topics!

Discover a world of breathtaking images, far away lands and a glimpse into a past almost forgotten, all you need is to click here!

A little more about Angel Orensanz

“The art just for being art is important and indestructible, everything else falls apart” Angel Orensanz says with conviction. And the sculptor does believe in the power of the arts. In 1992, he created the Angel Orensanz Foundation to sponsor the arts and as base for his work. The Foundation has helped him to become a famous artist, known internationally by his talent and with works all over the globe.

And know he has a Cannes prize with his name, always helping the arts.  But what does art mean to him? In an interview with Marta Gracia Sanchez for Aragondigital he affirms that art is public information, it can’t be taken very seriously and it is the only thing that is not broken and forgotten.

Born in Aragon, Spain, but based in New York City since the 80’s , Angel caught the world’s attention and the love of the art critics with his beautiful installations and pieces. This year, he went back to his home country to open his exhibition in University of Barcelona that goes until September. “Time, Space and Innovation” is his solo debut in Barcelona and it is an exhibition that interacts with nature, like a lot of his work.

Talking about his work, the Spanish sculptor uses different elements and formats for his art. His installations can be made out of steel, but also snow, he can have exhibitions in open nature spaces like Central Park in New York City, but also in closed museums, like the exhibition Time Split Sculpture in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

A big part of his work took place in the foundation too, playing with fabrics he created Waves of Warms, with petals he designed The Titanic that never got to New York. His creative is enormous and he ofter creates pieces that are interactive too, so everyone can touch and play with it.


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