Miami Art and Design: Miami Welcomes Sculptor Angel Orensanz


By: Tom Bellachio, 2014.

Miami Art and Design - Angel Orensanz - New York City

Sculptor Angel Orensanz presents his work at the Miami Art and Design art fair in Feburary 2014.

Sculptor Angel Orensanz represents just one of a notable list of contemporary artists who have made Miami a favorite destination for development, production and public formulation the artistic mind.

Orensanz’s work was actively accessible and on display at the current Miami Art Fair (Booth 312), which included a mesmerizing anthology of his sculpture, painting, drawing and photography/video.

Miami Art and Design - Angel Orensanz Foundation - New York City

Miami Art and Design 2014 fair presented the work of artists and galleries from across the international arts community.

His booth is one of the most visited at the Miami Art and Design fair; hundreds of experts, collectors, documentarians and visitors gathered in excitement over Angel Orensanz’s presence in the Southern metropolis.  This year, Orensanz presented bronze pieces, paintings, drawings and photography.  The common trait of his work is a subliminal, transcending magic that inserts into the visitor a universe of disturbing associations.

Miami Art and Design - Angel Orensanz Foundation - New York City

Luis Bunuel – Angel Orensanz develops a new installation art piece in the lands of Spain featured in much of Bunuel’s work.

Angel Orensanz developed a deep and mutually supportive rapport with surrealist and photographeer Luis Bunuel. Both were born in Aragon and were attracted to Paris and New York. Presently, Orensanz is developing an open sculpture project in the same landscapes of Western Spain where Luis Bunuel shot his “Tierra sin pan”  (Land without Bread), not far from the frontier with Portugal.

Bunuel visited Angel  Orensanz’s studio and Foundation in New York, installed for the last 30 years in a building that was erected in the early 19th century and is the oldest synagogue building in Manhattan. Bunuel enjoyed that heartland of references and meanings.

Angel Orensanz enjoys Miami’s artistic openness and fervor. He has brought a trove of mythical reptiles cast in Miami, which are featured in his booth (#312) at the current Miami Art Fair. Besides his mesmerizing sculptures his booth is populated with paintings, drawings and photography.

His photography work at the Miami Art and Design fair displays how prominently the medium serves as the doorway to the inner mind of Angel Orensanz, through which we levitate in a universe of oniric and fantastic constellations.
Miami Art and Design - Angel Orensanz Foundation 20134

Angel Orensanz for Art Palm Beach 2014

The Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts and Contemporary Art Gallery Returns to Art Palm Beach 2014

Zoe V. Speas; The Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts


The Angel Orensanz Gallery and Museum is pleased to announce its participation in Art Palm Beach, January 23-27, 2014.

Art Palm Beach 2014

Artist Angel Orensanz exhibits permanently at the former “Norfolk Street Synagogue”, home to the Orensanz Museum and Gallery. Orensanz will attend the Art Palm Beach 2014 fair.

The Gallery will present The Collective Unconscious, a series of dramatic new sculptures and paintings by Spanish artist Angel Orensanz. Orensanz has been exhibiting internationally since the 1960s and has a permanent exhibit at the Orensanz Foundation, located inside the former “Norfolk Street Synagogue” in New York City’s Lower East Side.

Burning Bronzes

Art Palm Beach 2014, Angel Orensanz, Burning Bronzes

From the Burning Bronzes episode of the Collective Unconscious series, which Angel Orensanz will present at the Art Palm Beach 2014 fair.

Burning Bronzes, a series of miniature-to-middle scale sculptures, speaks to the artist’s journey from Earth and Land Art into his current medium.

Working with the bronze and stoneware, according to Orensanz, “brings me into closer communion with the earth through my art.”

The sculptures on display will represent a continuation of the artist’s study of the human form and its manipulation, while paying homage to a tradition of indigenous art from around the world.


Bodies - Angel Orensanz - Art Palm Beach 2014

From the ‘Bodies‘ series by Angel Orensanz – an exploration of the human figure continues this winter at Art Palm Beach 2014.

Bodies consists of an incredibly diverse sequence of drawings in charcoal, graphite, ink, and, occasionally, coffee grounds. Angel Orensanz explores human anatomy through a highly vibrant mix of line weight and texture.

Angel Orensanz - Art Palm Beach 2014 - Sculpture

1961. Dinosaurio. Unknown location. Angel Orensanz.

The figures he depicts contort and bend in an expression ranging from agony to ecstasy.

Orensanz began his training in the 1950s at L’Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris with in-depth, literal study of the human body. Over the decades, his use of “body” and “form” has become an abstraction and a metaphor for the human condition and for the current project, Collective Unconscious.


The Language of Fire

Language of Fire - Angel Orensanz - Art Palm Beach 2014.

Angel Orensanz presents the Language of Fire as part of the upcoming Collective Unconscious exhibit for Art Palm Beach 2014.

Language of Fire bridges the worlds of painting, sculpture, and photography. Through his use of fire, plastics, and vivid color, Angel Orensanz illustrates the universal language of creativity, which defies boundaries of nationality and race. The artist employs a range of scale and perspective in these living photographs, verging almost into the realm of optical illusion. The images are often reflections and, being taken from the artist’s perspective, the shadow of Angel Orensanz’s figure may often be found within the complex layers of each portrait.

A comprehensive catalog with accompanying essays will be produced for the purpose of the artist’s participation in Art Palm Beach 2014.


For more information on Art Palm Beach 2014:

Media Inquiries: The Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts, 212.529.7194.

Fair Hours:  Preview – January 23rd 6:00-7:30pm; Collectors Invitational 7:30-10:00pm; January 24th-27th 12-7pm (6:00pm on the 27th).

Location: Palm Beach County Convention Center, 650 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts receives Angel Orensanz

Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts Kuindji Exhibitions Hall Angel Orensanz (USA-Spain), Member of the Russian Academy of Arts

Exhibit opening. August 1,  3-5 PM

Photo-Art by Angel Orensanz -exhibited at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts

Photo-Art by Angel Orensanz -exhibited at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts

Angel Orensanz is back at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts and has been known for his ambitious landscape and urban installations done in Japan, Russia, USA, Western Europe and other countries. This exhibit in St. Petersburg is very innovative in his intensive creativity.  For the very first time the  artist will present his photographs. Why in Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts? As Angel Orensanz proudly recognizes his artistic development has been greatly influenced by the giants of Russian Avant-garde as Kazimir Malevich, Vladimir Tatlin and others. All of them lived in Saint Petersburg.

On December 6, 2008 the  Grand Jury of International Film Festival of Monaco  awarded Angel Orensanz the Award for Surrealistic and Non Violent Art for his film “The Final Score” (Angel Orensanz  interpretation of Ingmar Bergman’s legendary  film “The Seventh Seal”)  . This project was carried with script, direction and photography by Angel Orensanz and with the technical support of the staff from the Museum of Modern Art of Wales. It was July 30 of 2007, when Angel Orensanz finished the film shooting of his film. That very day Ingmar Bergman passed away.

Photo-Art by Angel Orensanz -exhibited at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts

Photo-Art by Angel Orensanz -exhibiting at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts

Angel Orensanz and his artistic odyssey.

By Tatiana Borodina, Director of the Repin Museum, Russia.

In my opinion Angel Orensanz is an artist extraordinaire of postmodern thinking.Creativity – inspiration, time, place, and material depend on the circumstances and the mental attitude of the artist. His permanent state of his personality, the creative vision of the world feels like the world is a constantly changing installation, with installation ideas, discoveries, materials and spiritual creation. His mission and the meaning of his existence as an artist, consists in the creation of dramatic art objects, installations, sculptures, paintings and drawings. And in this desire to assert himself as an artist lies the emotional intensity, “nerve” of his works. The creations of Angel Orensanz come always accompanied with such suitable terms as enchantment, expression, inner tension and dynamism.

By and large these works remind us of the inseparable connection of outer space and human spirit, communication manifested, visible, intended to exist for a long time and the uniqueness of the moment of creation. They appear as already created, but temporary….

Angel Orensanz Exhibits at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts

Angel Orensanz recieving the certificate as Member of the Russian Academy of Art – Archive

As a master, with a professional training at the school (Ecole de Beaux-Art, Paris), he keeps in his work of many traditions, including the lessons of Russian avant-garde; and the passion and the expression of this artist’s intense personality are perfectly visible.

Orensanz who is presenting his work at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts, likes to work in a large space, and especially in open landscapes, be on the streets or in the open mountains and seashores. He is a very generous artist and has a powerful and a creative temperament. He is a most innovative creator, literally obsessed with art. He is ready to share with all the result of his enthusiastic passion for creation, the magic of his creation. He loves to decorate nature, and makes it an organized space for the arts. Art in the natural world and in total co-existence is one of the main themes of creativity Orensanz. It’s simple, but conceptually multifaceted. Comparison and interaction of two realities: the art object and landscape protection, their harmony and contrast, ¬the ability of change in the natural forms of the elements – create a new art-reality; and how often expressive, whole and beautiful it is. In his designs, even the most destructive, there is a highly complex symbolic imagery.  Another subject must see, and everyone will see it has his own way, from his point of view.

Materials of his works are: snow, flowers, light fabric, paper…. They are doomed to a short existence. Therefore, the artist captures the creation of the video and photos where they are stored in time – having this way a long life. The graphic works of Orensanz, are perceived as a stream of reflections of the artist.

 This exhibition extends until August 31st,  2013.

There is catalogue that accompanies this exhibition,  with an essay by Tatiana Borodina.

El escultor Angel Orensanz entra en la Plaza Tahrir de el Cairo

Precedido por un águila gigante y a caballo de un imaginario rocinante, Angel Orensanz ha entrado  en la Plaza Tahrir  de El Cairo.  Es una entrada conceptual, pero intensa y penetrante. El escultor español trata de adherirse y liderar una serie de marchas reivindicativas y transformadoras. Durante más de un ano estos movimientos populares están transformando la faz de todo el mundo árabe. Para ello Orensanz ha creado una enigmática águila que extiende sus alas protectoras y estimulantes.

Angel Orensanz art views of  Plaza Tahrir

Angel Orensanz art views on Plaza Tahrir revolts

Ahora mismo, esta águila la ha posado Orensanz sobre la Plaza Tahrir en el centro de El Cairo sobre docenas de miles de personas que piden y cantan la libertad popular.

Este concepto lo está plasmando Angel Orensanz en dibujos y fotos que van cubriendo un área de su museo en el corazón del Bajo Manhattan, donde radica su  Fundación. Allí serán visibles estas figuras vinculadas a ciudades y países que ha visto aparecer la Primavera Arabe.

La Fundación Angel  Orensanz de Nueva York prepara con esta documentación un libro que estará disponible para el mes de septiembre actual, en inglés, español y árabe y para distribución internacional.

The Titanic That Never Arrived To New York – Angel Orensanz

This is a very conceptual and beautiful art work by Angel Orensanz in New York on the Unsinkable Ship, The Titanic.


The Titanic that never arrived to NY is a series of interpretations and sculptorical reconstructions carried in New York by sculptor Angel Orensanz of a world iconic tragedy. It has captivated Ireland, Great Britain and the US with its tragic narrative of Homeric proportions. It is a world event, a cogent narrative, and constantly referenced within art. Over the last 4 years Angel Orensanz has developed an ongoing visual narrative about this iconic tragedy.Several passengers of the ill fated vessel were associated with our building. As a matter of fact, a couple depicted in James Cameron’s film as drowning  by the rising tide in their chamber were members of our community of Norfolk St. in Manhattan. But what has made Angel Orensanz come back again and again to the subject matter is the powerful narrative that music, theatre, the text, the photography, and the films have built across the generations.  Nothing so compelling since the Greek classics has been written about perpetual fight between nature, human progress and catastrophe. The Greek and Roman writers and sculptors selected current episodes and made them into dramas of universal appeal.Over the course of two years Angel Orensanz used for long periods of time the dramatic spaces of his Foundation building in Lower Manhattan installing and readjusting landscapes of color fabrics and theatrical lights, smoke and water to build narratives of this episode that portray the colossal fight between humans, machines, and nature.

The Titanic that Never Arrived- by Angel Orensanz

The Titanic that Never Arrived- by Angel Orensanz

The exhibition has been installed and is visited by hundreds of people who explore the areas of the Museum that function on the Foundation’s higher floors. From its wide windows you can see the East River shores, what used to be the Port of New York and where the Titanic was expected to dock.  Japanese Television got wind of this installation and taped the sculptural construction, making it into a cogent documentary that broadcast to all of Japan live on TV. The tape is available for free from the Foundation and is 10 minutes long.

The Armory Show 2013

Since its conception The Armory Show has been one of the most important art events in New York City, as well as one of the leading contemporary and modern art fairs internationally. For fifteen years now the show has graced Piers 92 and 94 on the Hudson River each March. It has gathered together artists and galleries from all over the globe, giving them a place to display their work and make connections that could very well be impossible without the fairs existence.

Armory Taxis

From its debut in the Gramercy Park Hotel in 1994 the fair has grown immensely, evolving with each passing year. Due to its increasing size it was temporarily relocated to the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue, to which it now owes its current name. It has continued to expand, moving from the Armory to the piers on the Hudson, which is has called home ever since.

With its massive reach it is no surprise that last year alone the Armory Show hosted 228 exhibitors – made up of local and international artists and galleries. It is with this global reach that the Armory Show holds a unique footing in the world of art fairs. The vast array of artists and galleries provides a comprehensive look at what is occurring in other countries in regards to the arts. It also allows people who might have never met a chance to connect. Galleries are able to network with artists from different countries, buying beautiful pieces of art to display. Meanwhile artists, both well known and up-and-coming, are able to interact with one another and make themselves known to the galleries.

The Armory Show offers all who come hundreds of different sights. However, with its ever-evolving structure the Armory has taken a step further in making its fair more accessible. This past show the fair teamed up with Paddle to create an online, virtual tour of the exhibits. This tour has now opened the doors for people all over the world, and not just those fortunate enough to be able to visit New York City. Now anyone can see the art on display, the performances, and the other various events with just a click of the mouse. Not only that but it allows galleries that had not been able to attend the chance to see what artwork is available, giving artists even more of a chance to connect with art enthusiasts all over the world.

Scandinavian Pain by Ragnar Kjartansson

Broken up into countless of different sessions, the Armory Show has something for everyone. The main two exhibitions will be The Armory Show – Contemporary and The Armory Show – Modern. Together they showcase what many would consider the most important art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Modern show – located on Pier 92 – will have been a staple of the Armory Show for six years as of 2013. This section showcases world-renowned galleries who specialize in collecting Modern art. Each gallery featured in the Modern section contains artwork that holds a historical significance in the realm of modern art. Unlike the Contemporary section the Modern section takes up the entirety of Pier 92. It is not broken up into different sections.

The Contemporary – located on Pier 94 – is of course full of contemporary art from all over the globe. The exhibition is world renowned, becoming the perfect place for artists to premier new pieces. Perhaps more important though is that the Contemporary is the place to showcase international galleries, as well as the place to find the up-and-coming artist, and as of last year the brand new section – Solo Projects can also be found there. The Contemporary is also the home to the Armory Focus show.

Unlike the rest of the Contemporary and the Modern, the Armory Focus is an invitation-only section of the fair. For three years – as of 2012 – this portion of the show has focused on thriving art communities that are not well recognized. Last year the Armory Focus featured work from the Nordic Countries, recognizing the regions importance in the art scene. The show featured 19 galleries from the Nordics, each piece of art displayed or performance scheduled highlight the engaging and dynamic work of Nordic artists.

The Armory Show is an innovative experience, raising the bar for art fairs around the world. The best of the best is gathered, regardless of notoriety, and given the opportunity to shine. Between Pier 92 and 94 there is something new and exciting for everyone.

The Armory Show 2013

 In 2013, the unique work of Angel Orensanz will also be on display, so don’t miss it!


Lower East Side Galleries

November is coming to a close! However, for those still entertaining family or just looking for something to do in this post-Thanksgiving and post-Black Friday time, we have a few interesting galleries for you to check out on the Lower East Side.
First, the Angel Orensanz Gallery. Just last night the Joy Wai Gallery presented the opening of it’s exhibition A Portrait of America. Many more exhibitions are in the future, and excitingly we are working on widening our art gallery space. As well as turning the previous gallery into a museum for Spanish sculpture, Angel Orensanz! Which means that if you’re around the Lower East Side, stop by and check out the works we currently have on display in the museum!

Next we travel over to Orchard St. where the One Stellar Rays gallery presents JJ Peet’s DEFEND_Station. Since graduating from Yale in 2006, Peet’s has spent the years working with painting, sculpting, and even with videos. It now comes together in his third show at One Stellar Rays, as he creates a unique, suspended sculpture installation that is promised to include “floating heads”, along with drawings in graphite and oil stick. The exhibit will remain up until December 16th.
Also on Orchard St. is the Room East gallery, which is hosting Robin Cameron’s first solo exhibition in New York City. The event, “P-R-O-C-E-S-S-E-S”, contains a “diverse array of media from a slideshow entitled Still Life with Triple Process Hair to large, multi-panel chine collé prints made from torn pieces of Japanese paper”. On top of that Cameron presents a collection of short stories she has composed to correlate with her experiences while making the works featured in her “P-R-O-C-E-S-S-E-S”.
Moving down the way towards Rivington Street, the Tallybeck Contemporary presents Yiğit Yazıcı’s first New York solo exhibition entitled Nobody’s Business but the Turk’s, which will last until January 6th, 2013. Yazici’s work has been displayed all around the world, but now it is time for him to show his art in New York City. The exhibition will feature the artist’s interesting perspective on everyday life, incorporating simple things from airplanes to cameras into his boldly colored paintings.
Lastly, down on Bleecker Street, the Zürcher New York presents the work of artist Paul DeMuro. The exhibition, aptly titled Revelations, features DeMuro’s thickly done paintings, which for some patrons could be thought of as mirrors. DeMuro’s work creates a separation of light, allowing one beam to reflect while the other is refracted. It is due to this remarkable skill that the artist “reveals a mysterious connection with the intimacy behind the screen”.

Newsletter #21

Hey everyone! Check out this month’s Newsletter to keep you posted about everything that’s been going on at the Foundation, and what’s to come.



Weekend in New York City

At long last Friday has arrived, and here are some suggestions for you to do this weekend in New York City from the Angel Orensanz Foundation!
Starting off in the Lower East Side the New Museum has a very interesting exhibition going on! Coming Closer: Art Around the Bowery, 1969-1989 features the work of over fifteen artists who made their homes near and in the Bowery, or worked there during the two decades mentioned. The exhibition can be summed up as the result of the neighborhood seemingly abandoned, the artists “turned their attention towards the Bowery, inviting a re-examination of this neglected zone through their work”. Work that is now being displayed at the New Museum in the Lower east Side, for all to see, all you need to do is pay for the price of admissions.
Moving along to Orchard Street, the Rachel Uffner Gallery is hosting Barb Choit’s Fade Diary. The free exhibition features the work of photographer Choit, who reinvigorates the field of New York City street photography by utilizing the shop window as her subject matter. More so she has photographed “faded posters, advertisements or maps set out on display in the windows of beauty salons, barbershops or travel agencies”, which to her creates a “notion of erasure and disappearance” in society.
Finally, something for the whole family! In the Grand Central Terminal travelers can find the New York Transit Museum’s eleventh annual Holiday Train Show. The 34-foot-long is a miniature city, full of countless of notable landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building, as well as all sorts of trains! The model trains travel all across the display, until reaching their final destination. What would that final destination be? The North Pole, of course! We’re sure these little trains are full of letters to Santa!

A preview of A Portrait of America

On November 26th, 2012 the Angel Orensanz Gallery is proud to host A Portrait of America, presented by the Joy Wai Gallery, and curated by Ramses Granados. The exhibition will include the works of the following artists:

Daniel Ash

A founding member of the groundbreaking Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love and Rockets, guitarist, singer, and songwriter Daniel Ash, distinguished himself in the world of alternative rock during the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s. In addition to his love for rock n’ roll, Ash possesses a love for the visual arts. Daniel Ash has been creating sound art and visual artwork for over 30 years. His artwork has graced the covers and inside sleeves of the records he has recorded including Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love and Rockets. In his mixed-media painting  ‘Freedom Ain’t Cheap’ (2012), the artist appropriates a U.S. flag image and infuses the right-hand portion with a cluster, bordering on chaotic, of stars and blemished stripes, supplemented by a single flying saucer, referencing his own alien status in the U.S.

Shawna Ankenbrandt

Finding inspiration in the vastness of the ocean and man’s interaction with it, Shawna Ankenbrandt’s photography captures that relationship. Growing up in a landlocked state, Ankenbrandt looks anew at the ocean and her fresh take is revealed in her photography through its dramatic composition. Occasionally accented with a figure, Ankenbrandt’s composition draws the viewer in while still remaining removed enough to retain the intrigue of the theme of the photograph. Her work has been featured in various magazines for her editorial photography, and has also been the featured photographer in surf magazines. Her introduction to the fine art world is one in which she brings a cultivated, yet innovative take on a continuous fascination with the ocean.

Phantom Street Artist

Using art as a non-traditional form of media to educate the public, Phantom Street Artist revives the very roots of the founders of graffiti and street art. The Phantom Street Artist has created and produced diverse campaigns, projects and exclusive works of art for many groups and causes in our community. The Phantom Street Artist is a fight practitioner; he is the very urban street artist who branded the album cover for Rage Against the Machine. He places an emphasis upon exposing material and issues that the public is not supposed to be aware of or that we have been lead to forget. He is an advocate with the fundamental belief that street media production is the Freedom of Information Act in questioning our culture in Question.

Giuliano Bekor

Giuliano Bekor is a fashion, celebrity, and fine art photographer best known for the covers of Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and other top publications in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Bekor’s passion for art has always been a forefront in his work. His influence as a leader in the fashion editorial and advertising industries has spread into a growing reputation in the world of fine art. A readiness to explore topical and at times confrontational subject matter has generated an impressive portfolio of works for Berko, which are currently being showcased in collaborative events with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and galleries in New York City.

Courtney Chavanell

A Texas native, Courtney Chavanell landed her first paid photography job at the tender age of 16. Continuing her early success, Chavanell had become a staple in the music scene shortly after graduating from the University of Texas, studying under the watchful eyes of portrait photographer Mark Goodman, and Guggenheim Fellow Lawrence McFarland. Some of Chavanell’s photography credits include: Spoon, The Flaming Lips, Daniel Johnston, Cass McCombs, The Black Angels and many others. Continuing her successful streak, Chavanell’s photographs have been published in Popular Photography, Filter, MNE, SPIN, Artrocker, Venus, Juxtapoz, Under the Radar, College Music Journal, XLT*R, NYLON, and many others, over the last six years.

Julius B. Fil

“Born in Czechoslovakia, my inspiration derives from Native Americans. Ever since I saw a Native American Indian film depicting their enigmatic culture, it permeated my subconscious, which now overflows into my art. Native American influences combined with monumentalized forms of the human figure etch my work with the power of my liberated unconscious mind. Most paintings symbolize communication and encrypted gestures. My pieces are about my feelings, my experiences and my inner-self, which are revealed as I touch the canvas. My intent is to deconstruct the traditional structure of portraiture, instead of completing the portrait, I present the viewer with a fragmented, curtailed image and I invite the viewer to participate in the art process by using their imagination to complete the painting.”

Jeff Forney

Raised in the East Bay of Northern California, Jeff’s influences ranged from the characters he encountered to the wide array of music that permeated the Bay’s airwaves. After completing a degree in Sociology at the ‘sedate’ campus of Chico State University he landed in NYC. Jeff spent a bit of post-graduate time in front of the camera doing ad campaigns for Giorgio Armani, Guess, and Jil Sander, as well as commercials with well-known directors including David Lynch. With a camera in hand Jeff grew to love its ability to tell a good story and the composition that harnessed it. He now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.

Christian Hooker

Self-taught artist Christian Hooker was born December 15, 1971 in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in Portland, Oregon. After moving to New York in 1998, he debuted his collection at Cynthia Broan Gallery in the Meat Market District in New York City. After experiencing appreciation from the audience and disappointment in the galleries handling of potential clients, Hooker took to the streets once again to show his work. There, his work remained for the past 12 years, not displaying any of his unique pieces on exhibition. Hooker has skillfully experimented with various art media, throughout the years producing the ‘Dollar’ collection.

Victor Holt

Victor Holt’s involvement in photography began after seeing an exhibit by the late renowned New York City photographer Roy DeCarava at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC. The tonal ranges and complex composition based on the uncomplicated scenes moved him, leading him to seek training in photography through numerous institutions which include the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport, Main and the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida. He subscribes to the theory of the famous photographer, Ansel Adams, that “the negative is the score, and the print is the performance.” Victor’s darkroom work relates images that show his creativity and unique identity.

Ramses Granados

Ramses Granados is a Los Angeles-based artist, curator, musician, and gallerist with over ten years of experience in the music and fine art industries. He has made a name for himself by uniquely combining mediums and curating works of artists that might otherwise not have a home. His collaborations and curatorial work with other musician-artists has helped turn Ramses’ Substrate Fine Art Gallery in Los Angeles into a key destination for avant-garde performance, installation, and sound art, as well as prints and photography linked to the music industry.