‘Anat Shiftan: The Garden’ and ‘Object/Image’ from the Clay Art Center are open

PORT CHESTER, NY – The Clay Art Center has always offered creative minds a space to flourish, and the dynamic Hudson Valley institution isn’t afraid to break free from the confines of its impressive studios and its learning space in Port Chester to accomplish this mission.

The Clay Art Center held concurrent opening receptions for its “Anat Shiftan: The Garden” and “Object/Image” exhibits on Saturday, April 2. It was a fun event for the whole family where attendees got to meet the artists, enjoy light refreshments and treats outdoors while the kids could get creative at a themed clay activity table. of the garden.

The Clay Art Center is thrilled to present “Anat Shiftan: The Garden” in its gallery and online. The Flora and Orchard series examines the ways we understand our world through the mechanical aspects of nature. Anat Shiftan is an Israeli artist who has been a faculty member at SUNY New Paltz since 2003 and has received several awards and accolades. The exhibition can be viewed online here.

At the same time, the Clay Art Center features an online “Object/Image” gallery and exhibit of students and faculty in the SUNY New Paltz ceramics program. This exhibition examines the dynamics between ideas, images and objects and how these dynamics are essential to how we navigate the world. This exhibition is also visible online.

Clay Art Center “Object / Image” exhibit by SUNY New Paltz students and faculty. (Clay Art Center)

If you were unable to make it to the openings, you still have the possibility of visiting the two exhibitions in the gallery and online until May 9. The exhibited works will be available for sale online and in galleries.

From the Clay Art Center:

Exhibition “Anat Shiftan: The Garden”:

Anat Shiftan: The Garden is a solo exhibition in which garden themes are expressed in still lifes and three-dimensional centerpieces. Historically, still life represents arranged elements of nature, life outside the domestic world, and relies on the symbolic action of these elements to suggest a critique of the human condition. Inspired by the power of still life and the role of the centerpiece in domestic life, Anat creates arrangements that echo this story. She asks the viewer to question the heritage of nature, botany and our material culture.

Artist statement

The series of still lifes examines the history of ceramics and world trade. The vignettes tell stories about various production methods, materials (porcelain ware, etc.) and production processes (slip casting, wheel throwing, handcrafting and industrial artifacts). The juxtaposition of objects made in various ways and representing distant moments in history and geography tell the story as a world of trade and travel since the earliest days. Lekythos, Lotus Bowl, Wreath and Apple vignettes highlight Greek, Chinese and European heritage. This exchange, which has prevailed since Antiquity, is a beautiful condition of humanity that I highlight as positive aspects of cultural links and exchanges.

The Flora and Flora and Orchard series examine the ways we understand our world. Humanity and nature are often romantically understood in terms of growth and improvement. However, it is not always so. I move the unbearable gaze on the history of man: his wars and his destructions and note that in nature also ambivalence prevails. The piles represent growth and decay, the organic and mechanical aspects of nature, analogous to the human condition. Also, the natural world I create is imaginary versus realistic. It is a reflection of my condition where nature is an invention, inaccessible, corrupted over time and by time, and only exists as an idea.

Biography of the artist

Anat Shiftan is an Israeli artist who works with clay and printmaking. In her work she explores the subject of ambivalence in floral and zoological imagery, the representation of nature in art: the texture of sexuality, life and death, power and subversion , which ultimately reflect complex political and social attitudes. Currently, it is also adding a layer of content that relates to issues of the environment and its preservation. His printed images reflect the dialectical relationships between man and nature, focusing on the ambivalence reflected in the heroic yet destructive aspect of human intervention in nature, nature’s response, and the glorification of the two that result from it. results. Shiftan earned his BA in English Literature and Philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and earned his MFA in Ceramics from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and Design in West Bloomfield, Michigan. She taught at the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design in Israel and the University of Michigan before joining the faculty of SUNY New Paltz in the fall of 2003. Shiftan has twice received the Michigan Grant for Individual Artists and has exhibited widely his work in both the United States and Israel. She is represented by Hostler Burrows NY/LA Gallery.

Associated programming

Virtual gallery tour of Anat Shiftan and discussion
Friday, April 22 at 12 p.m.
Join Anat for a virtual tour of her “Le Jardin” exhibition in our gallery as well as a discussion about her ceramic work and process.

Handcrafted vases and planters (ages 17+)
Saturday April 2 at 2:30 p.m.
Celebrate the start of spring by creating your own functional vases and planters. Suitable for beginners and makers of all skill levels.

Patterned Plates – Mother’s Day Weekend (17+)
Saturday May 7 at 2 p.m.
Learn how to make basic plates or bring your own hard leather pieces to decorate with botanical designs. Suitable for beginners and makers of all skill levels.

Saturday Clay – Garden Themed Projects (Ages 6+)
Saturday April 9 at 2 p.m.
Plan a great afternoon with friends or family in this fun and messy introduction to clay! Our professional ceramists will guide you through a garden themed craft project that will be glazed and fired.

Exhibition “Object / Image”

The dynamic between ideas, images and objects is essential to how we navigate the world. This exhibition of works by students and faculty of the SUNY New Paltz Ceramics program is a reflection on the generative potential between internal and external space. This interplay between fictitious objects and embodied images is guided by a series of questions: What are the shapes and textures of ideas? What richness is hidden in the flatness of the images? How can we shape invisible embodiments of emotions and experiences? How to control memory through images and screens? And how can our experience of navigating these spaces be joyful and generative?
Participating artists: Taussen Brewer, Bryan Czibesz, Ibrahim Khazzaka, Erika Port, Avery Wells and Hee Joo Yang

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