Bob Schmitz and the Spirit of the Huntington Art Center

The Spirit of Huntington Art Center’s mission is simple: To pursue the belief that creative expression ignites a life-transforming passion in students with special needs and veterans. By providing educational, vocational and recreational services to Huntington and the surrounding community, those who attend events and classes leave with their lives changed and their spirits uplifted by their artistic experiences within the Center and within themselves. same. Known as a community hub for art and creative expression for people with special needs, the Center also has a history of showcasing works by well-known and established local artists who serve to inspire students and the community. .

The wonderful painting featured on this week’s cover, titled “The Wedding”, was created by Bob Schmitz, a local New York artist whose energetic and imaginative style draws the eye again and again in the scenes he depicts.

Bob Schmitz

Originally raised in New York, his father was a commercial artist whose influence strongly motivated Schmitz to pursue a career in art. Following several business projects, he finally chose to put aside his corporate projects and direct his energy towards his passions, painting and sculpture. The results were brilliant, in more ways than one.

Sculpture was the initial focus of his art. Trained by Elaine Braun of Florida and Greg Johnson, a well-known sculptor in the Atlanta community, he then worked for years with the famous late sculptor LT Cherokee in New York.

"Dream" by Bob Schmitz
“Dream” by Bob Schmitz

Schmitz’s love for art and the development of his style evolved over his 45 years as an artist. His earlier work grew out of studies in drawing and painting under the guidance of accomplished artists and teachers, as his work established his signature style for bold color and form. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Atlanta and Stewart, Georgia; Hollywood; Key West, Florida; Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; and many places in New York. Many of his works are part of corporate and private collections nationally and internationally.

In 2011 Schmitz moved to Latin America, dividing her time between Boquete, Panama and more recently Medellín, Colombia. After spending long periods in the area, he was motivated to settle there permanently, drawn to the unique culture, colors and light found in the area as he pursued his art. One of his main inspirations as an artist was Marc Chagall, as evidenced by abstract expressionism in his later works, incorporating the intense color palette of Latin America. Some of his works can be found at Mango’s and Sugar and Spice restaurants, the Casa Décor Design Center and the Biblioteca de Boquete in Panama where he has a residence.

The Spirit of the Huntington Art Center
The Spirit of the Huntington Art Center

Although his ability to travel is currently limited, he remains in contact with colleagues, friends, fellow artists and the Spirit of Huntington Art Center, which exhibits a number of his works.

The Center is located at 2 Melville Road North, Huntington Station, offering classes in art, ceramics, music, dance and yoga. The ArtWORKS Signature Program is an innovative professional program enrolling students in experiential digital art and design courses. ArtWORKS offers graduates a pathway to careers in companies that need workers with skills in media design and social media management.

"Concert" by Bob Schmitz
“Concert” by Bob Schmitz

The Spirit of Huntington Art Center is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides students with special needs and veterans with the opportunity to express their life-transforming art and creativity.

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February 11, 2022 Dan's Papers Valentine's Day cover by Bob Schmitz
February 11, 2022 Cover of Dan’s Papers by Bob Schmitz