Darlington Art Center 4 Arts Festival – Chadds Ford Live

The Brandywine Valley is blessed with so many fantastic venues to not only showcase art, but places where students young and old can experience the many facets of artistic expression. The Darlington Center for the Arts, located in Garnet Valley, takes this task to heart by creating a space where every art form takes center stage. Darlington is currently celebrating the creations, hard work and talent of its community with the 4 Arts Festival, featuring a gallery exhibition, concerts, performances and more through June 12.and.

On their toes

Darlington has intentionally created a welcoming space for students of all ages, experiences and abilities. “Our mission is to build community by providing every art for everyone,” says Emily Moylan, Community Engagement Manager. “Not only do we provide quality art education in the four major art forms for all ages and abilities, but we also focus on connecting and engaging with our community through the creation of art. “

Kate McGrath, Teacher Artist (Drama), notes, “Darlington has a unique way of feeling both big and small for our students: big in that classes, camps and other programs expand their opportunities, their allowing them to try new things, and explore their talents, which the rest of the world can then benefit from. Small in the sense that everyone at Darlington is focused and dedicated to the arts and therefore a kindred spirit.

Darlington serves as a hub for many local artists, whether they teach, perform or just visit. “I’m always in awe of the range of talent we have in and around the Brandywine Valley,” says Moylan. “We recently held our juried art exhibition and completed our Coffee House concert series, where we had the pleasure of featuring some of these artists.”

The fun doesn’t stop at the front door. Darlington events span across the Brandywine Valley. “I’m especially looking forward to the summer concert series at Smithbridge Park on Thursdays,” McGrath said. “I walk past the park everyday and can’t wait to lay on the grass and enjoy the live music.” Organized every other Thursday evening from June 30and until September 10andthis popular series features a variety of musical acts, from jazz and cabaret to rock and pop.

Art for all ages

The Festival des 4 Arts also welcomes the public to see the emerging talents of the next generation. Moylan is eager to share all the details: “Our dance recital at Cab Calloway School of the Arts is next on the schedule! We are delighted to present over 50 dancers this year in many different disciplines. Or you can search for future marquee names on the scene. “The final performances of the children’s acting classes will take place on June 6 and 7,” notes McGrath. “They will be broadcast live and are a great way to see what Darlington’s youth drama programming looks like!”

Back at Darlington, art is on display in all mediums, both from students and their instructors. “I’ve seen great work come out of our comics and cartoons, STEAM, drawing and painting classes,” says Moylan. The gallery presents their work through Darlington as part of the 4 Arts Festival.

It’s exhilarating for everyone – students, instructors, families, friends and visitors – to be able to be back in person this year. “The 4 Arts Festival is all about celebration and community,” says Moylan. “We are delighted to welcome people back to the Center to encourage our students as they showcase their progress over the academic year.”


The public are welcome to visit Darlington to see the Gallery Show during their normal opening hours, and also invited to all events and performances. “We encourage anyone who supports the arts to get out there and see how amazing our students are,” prompts Moylan. “We couldn’t be prouder, and we want to share this with you! »

The Darlington Art Center will present its Teaching Artist and Member Gallery from May 14and until June 3rd. There are ongoing events at the Festival des 4 Arts from May 14and until June 11and, featuring music, visual arts, dance and theatre. This family event supports young artists and the community. The Darlington Arts Center is located at 977 Shavertown Road, Garnet Valley, PA. More information can be found at DarlingtonArts.org.

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