‘Everyone’s running out of space’: WCT says Fawcett’s new performance space is second best thing to arts center

“Everyone has a lack of space,” MacDonald noted. “L’Armoise is an old facility. It’s getting old. It’s packed. The pavilion is a very old facility, built like a cattle auction house, so to be able to move into a purpose-built building for a lot of our activities is just a phenomenal thing for us and the symphony, and really all of the arts organizations in Kamloops.

The facility should be ready to open in the fall. WCT’s Stage One Theater School will move into a new 1,500 square foot studio in January, while another 1,700 square foot space will make room for nine teaching classrooms for the Kamloops Symphony Music School.

“So our 45-year-old Stage One theater school, we never had a space. There was never really a space for an acting school,” MacDonald said. “So having a real committed space allows us to serve [more kids]. We are packed in our yards all the time. That said, you can sign up now if you want for the fall, but the different types of classes we’ll be able to offer, plus really having classes for kids of all ages, it’s a phenomenal opportunity.

MacDonald adds that there will be spaces for non-artistic activities such as special lecture series.