Fuller Lodge Art Center and Life Drawing

Los Alamos

I waited patiently to see how the Los Alamos Arts Council’s takeover of the Art Center would develop. All the social consequences of the pandemic have held me back until now.

I’ve been a member of the Art Center since the 70s when I was in high school (revealing my age, but emphasizing the longevity of my membership). I have seen many directors run the Art Center and have served on the board a few times.

I don’t know why the change happened when the Arts Council took over the Art Centre. Know that I am a close friend and supporter of Ken Nebel, the most recent director. His leadership brought more followers, members and attendees to shows and events than I can remember. Show openings became big social gatherings with music and food and visitors from everywhere.

I have yet to see a growth in children’s or adult classes. I know Covid played a part in that atmosphere. Other artists don’t participate as readily in teaching or performing.

Personally, I regularly participated in the Art Center Life Drawing group which started in the 1950s and this is what “attracted” me (no pun intended) to becoming a member. The Life Drawing rooms have always been considered part of the Art Center’s contribution to the community. I understand that our group would have to pay a fairly large rental fee to use the county classrooms in the art center. Fees for models are tough as it is. (Our group now meets in a small back room of the Village Arts building, owned and operated by Nebel.)

The Arts Council encourages more memberships and donations, but I don’t yet see what the change has done for artists.