Groundbreaking All-New Performance Space Launched at Dukes in Lancaster

It’s now a stunning, renovated church that showcases only the best works by up-and-coming artists who have performed at festivals such as The Edinburgh Fringe – the perfect opportunity to see some of the most groundbreaking shows before they take over. the rest of the world by storm.

Previously a theater for young people, Moor Space has now transformed into Lancaster’s most groundbreaking 100-seat experience.

This is your chance to experience some of the brightest, most innovative and humorous events the UK has to offer in an intimate and exciting venue at a great price.

Learn to Fly – Moor Space.

With only 100 seats available per performance, audiences are thrust into the center of the dramatic world that is being created around them.

This fall season will see The Dukes commit to the promise of boundary-pushing performances by presenting works such as Angel, a hard-hitting show telling the truth

story of the sniper who left ISIS members shaking with fear.

Continuing the theme of strong women, Female Gothic, by Rebecca Vaughan, celebrates the creative, dark and captivating imagination of Victorian female authors who

provided the world with some of the most haunting tales it has ever seen, creating an atmospheric evening of ghost tales.

Audiences can find themselves uplifted by anecdotal stories such as Learning to Fly, a heartwarming true story of young James Rowland befriending the old lady who lived in the creepy house down the street.

To book tickets, go to the Dukes website here