İsmet İnönü Arts Center is completely renovated

İsmet İnönü Arts Center is completely renovated

İsmet İnönü Art Center in Kültürpark is under renovation. Equipped with the latest acoustic, sound, light and visual systems, the center will host theater and concert organizations, especially the municipal theaters of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

In line with the vision of Metropolitan Mayor of İzmir, Tunç Soyer, to “make İzmir a city of culture and arts”, renovation works continue at the İsmet İnönü Art Center, where many theater events , concerts and conferences are organised. The stage is completely redesigned to make the center suitable for concerts and theatrical performances. The art center is equipped with the latest acoustic, sound, light, visual and stage mechanics systems. Thus, theater troupes and musical ensembles, especially municipal theaters of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, will have a more qualified hall.

Renovation, maintenance and repair works will cost 4 million 765 thousand lire. İsmet İnönü Art Center will serve art lovers with its renewed face in the coming days.

What is going on?

As part of the works carried out by the Construction Affairs Department of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the mechanical lighting and sound system is implemented on the stage by increasing the opening and the height of the curtain on the stage theater. The seating capacity has been rearranged to 378. The ventilation system and spectator seats are being renewed. Natural wood materials are laid on the stage floor to provide acoustics. Wooden acoustic panels are used on the audience side and rear walls which completely surround the room. An acoustic suspended ceiling application was carried out. Rock wool acoustic panels were installed. An acoustic coating has been applied inside the sound and light room. The floor of the foyer and the exterior carpentry have been renewed. Stage doors will also have acoustic features.