‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall’ will be celebrated on the first Friday – The Ukiah Daily Journal

Who do you “see” when you look in the mirror? That’s the question posed to artists who submitted works to July’s “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” exhibition at Art Center Ukiah.

That wasn’t the only question asked. The show’s organizers had no intention of letting the performers lightly on this opportunity to delve into the introspection of the matter, instead of simply presenting a realistic self-portrait. All participating artists were also asked if the image they see when looking at them in black is a reflection of their current reality, or a dream of their past or future.

“A Couple of the Most Promising” by Janet Rosen

The artists were also reminded that a serious look in the mirror can focus on many places…on the surface of what is, to places they haven’t gone yet, or inward to their soul. This show was billed as an opportunity to explore very personal issues of body image, sexual orientation, aging, and unfulfilled dreams… to name a few.

In our current culture, a person’s self-image is allowed, and even encouraged, to break free from traditional boundaries, norms, roles and restrictions. The show organizers are excited to create a community platform for exploration, conversation and learning for attendees and viewers. Artists were asked to write a brief statement about how they see themselves, to add another layer of depth to both their presentation and the public conversation that follows.

At the very least, the show is guaranteed to be a feast for the eyes. And viewers should be warned that there will be a series of mirrors hanging on the walls, so they can get an unexpected glimpse into their own inner selves as they pass by.

The opening celebration on the first Friday of “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” will take place on July 1 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The Ukiah Art Center is located behind the Corner Gallery at 201 S. State St. in Ukiah. Live music during the event will be provided by Pierre Archain.

“Spillover” by Jazzminh Moore