Nagwa Mahdy opens the “Gemstones, Silver Tales” exhibition at the Gezira Art Center


Sat 19 Nov 2022 | 3:10 p.m.

Artist Nagwa Mahdy opened a new exhibition under the theme “Gemstones, Silver Tales” at the Ragheb Ayad Hall of the Gezira Art Center. The exhibition will last until November 30.

Madhy is one of the most innovative artists in this field because her creations are varied and her combination of precious stones and silver reflects her creativity and imagination.

His creations also echo fashionable trends with the spirit of society and culture that affirms the place of this art in society.

Mahdy said her jewelry designs represent her lifelong passion and love for gemstones, especially silver (Lojain in Arabic). The word “Logjin” has magic sounds in Arabic and means cash.

The word and the silver reflect the harmony in the design, moreover, some of the exhibited works resemble abstract art.

She added that she retained the natural formation and colors of gemstones and a more natural formation of silver to indicate the earliest known designs of accessories and jewelry in the spirit of contemporary arts.

His vision is a balanced view of aesthetics and artist innovation that represents the true essence of each piece as a reflection of personality, not just an accessory.

The exhibits are displayed on pieces of wood that showcase the spirit of nature in the event.

She also exhibited the raw material of her works at the entrance of the exhibition to give visitors an insight into the nature of art and her talent for converting material into works of art.

Contributed by Rana Atef