New nonprofit will provide rental assistance to NYC theater workers – Deadline

A new nonprofit fund called Places Please Project will provide $500,000 in rent assistance to New York-based theater workers who have been out of work and struggle to pay their rent as Covid shut down the industry for over a year.

“Even as the theater begins to reopen, its workers are still grappling with uncertainty,” writer-musician Kyle Jarrow, co-founder and president of Places Please Project, said in a statement. “Those who left New York are struggling to return, and many of those who stayed may have to leave.”

Led by Jarrow Council Members, Tootsie actress Lilli Cooper, Big fish Composer Andrew Lippa, Downstage Media Founder Annie Schiffmann, and New York SongSpace Founder Kara Unterberg, Places Please Project is for artists, designers, musicians, technicians and theater administrators in New York City.

Funded in part by an anonymous donor who pledged a matching grant of $50,000, Places Please Project plans to raise funds, evaluate applications and administer funds by April 2022. The anonymous donation will be matched dollar for dollar until July 10.

Said Jarrow, whose book for the Sponge Bob SquarePants musical was nominated for a Tony, “Theatre is central to the identity of New York City, and New York City is also central to the identity of the theater industry. We want to help keep theater workers in New York and help bring back those who have left. »

For more information, visit Places Please Project.