New York’s newest music and performance art space [Photos/Video]

In a city filled with relentless movement around every corner, New York’s music scene continues to be as vibrant as its people.

The latest addition to the New York music scene is that of The Ark, a 20,000 square foot performance space nestled in Long Island City, Queens, where an airport sushi factory once stood. The factory-turned-venue has spent the past year existing in an exclusive, invitation-only capacity for local artists, immersive theater events, and film/music video shoots. More recently, however, the Arc has opened its doors to curious locals and has begun to host public events sponsored by Bulleit Whiskey and Tequila Don Julio as New York music fans search for new places to explore with the arrival of summer.

As well as hosting shows (the venue recently hosted an Australian electro-rock band Miami Horror), fans visiting The Arc can browse boxes full of vinyl albums, visit a street art gallery, shop at local vendors and even get lost in a visual haze thanks to multimedia projections presented live by local VJs. Guests who feel so art-inclined are also encouraged to leave their own creative mark with the mix of markers, canvases, and paints scattered throughout the venue.

The team behind the new venue includes the founder of FMNDR John Belitskyartistic direction of Sari Cainin addition to Rich Pawelczykwhose professional resume includes work at notable New York locations, including Webster Room and now closed american beauty.

The next appointment scheduled at the Arc will take place this Thursday, May 16 with screenings of short films by A way by Elisa Batesin addition to the performance of French Horn Rebellion, Flamingosisand Blu DeTiger. After some upcoming events, The Arc will kick off the next phase of construction, making Thursday’s show one of the last chances for audiences to experience the venue before it changes. Tickets for the show are on sale here. The last show before the next planned renovations to the Arc will be Here is the NBRHOOD Friday, May 17.

Fans should FOLLOW @DMNDR and @ARCxDMNDR on Instagram for updates and information on upcoming events.

Fans can also check out the gallery below for an inside look at The Arc.

For tickets to see Flamingosis and more at L’Arc on Thursday May 16, click here.