Opening of a new exhibition at the Art Center – Estes Park Trail-Gazette

Opening of a new exhibition

“Anywhere But Here” – Travels Beyond Colorado with Art Center Fellow John Shelton, April 29-June 6

John Shelton’s work emphasizes natural and man-made elements, separate or together, exploring connection, relationships and social meaning – drawing attention to the depth and power of his subjects. Using the tools of perspective and lighting, his images bring out the textures, patterns, lines and layers within, while exhibiting strong contrasts and rich complementary hues. Whether in color or grayscale, his work evokes mood, serenity, loneliness, and even an ethereal quality that brings added depth, beauty, and meaning to a thing, place, or situation. These particular images are taken from his travels outside of Colorado. Opening on April 29 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

John Shelton’s work emphasizes natural and man-made elements, separate or together, exploring connection, relationships and social meaning – drawing attention to the depth and power of his subjects.

Founding artists highlighted

With Chris Switzer and Karen Dick

Chris Switzer: “Weaving can be many things: scarves, shawls, placemats, table runners, tea towels, clothes, rugs and wall hangings. Weaving can be functional or conceptual. Color and texture are important elements of weaving. Since 1971, when I learned to weave, I have tried different techniques and had many teachers. Working with bamboo sticks added dimensionality to the patterns. Waffle weave has become something totally different.

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Chris Switzer is one of the featured founding artists.

In 1978 I went back to college – CSU – and commuted 3 days a week for 6 years, earning a BFA in 1984 in Weaving with a double major in Anthropology/Archaeology. At that moment, I wondered what was next? My latest project, “Pathways”, gave me a sense of hope for the future. Soon, with the help of 20 local artists, the Art Center was born — in May 1987, it opened!”

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Karen Dick is one of the featured founding artists.

Karen Dick: “I remember attending a planning meeting about opening a local arts center in Estes Park. I drove my VW Bug through the snowy switchbacks of Windcliffe Estates to Bev Taylor’s house for the meeting. I thought I was taking my life into my own hands on these roads that I had never driven before.

I had just joined the Boulder Potters’ Guild in January 1986 and although I had opportunities to teach and sell my work through the guild, the idea of ​​a local arts center was exciting. During the meeting, we discussed our vision of a center with courses, exhibitions and the sale of works of art. At the beginning of the Art Center operation, the member working as a volunteer that day called the member who had just sold something to tell him! We were all very supportive of each other.

The Art Center has certainly affirmed me and my pottery work and given me the opportunity to learn about other media so that I can speak knowledgeably with our clients while working. my volunteer shifts.

Also on display in the gallery are the exceptional works of other artists who are members of the Art Center, including other works in oil painting, watercolour, pastel, jewellery, ceramics, charcoal, graphite, glass, wood, sculpture, fiber, photography, printmaking and mixed media.

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Chris Switzer donated a hand-woven scarf for a door prize.

Opening weekend door prizes

John Shelton donated a “Reflections At Gem Lake” photo print and Chris Switzer donated a hand-woven scarf. The public is invited to come to the gallery to participate. The entry period is from 11 a.m. on April 29 to 5 p.m. on May 2, at which time the winning names will be drawn and the winners notified.

The Art Center is open: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Cathy Goodale teaches a course in May.

Next art class in May

May 18, “Contour Drawing” with Cathy Goodale

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Art center members: $72. Non-members: $80.

Today’s art scene is becoming more contemporary. And so today we are going to use blind outline drawings of an object to become abstract. Bring several objects that you think are interesting shapes. You will be surprised at your drawing skills when you draw looking only at the subject and not at your paper. Try some! It’s fun and interesting.

4th Annual Estes Valley Plein Air 2022 Participating Artists

55 artist candidates were judged and 36 were selected to participate in this year’s event. They are:

Richard Sneary – Kansas City, Mo.

Ritchie Vios – Austin, TX

Jennifer Cline – Loveland, CO

Lorie Merfeld-Batson – Westcliffe, CO

Cliff Austin – Aurora, CO

Marie Massey – Bellvue, CO

Bruce Boynton – Loveland, CO

Krystal Brown – Spring, TX

Kathleen Lanzoni – Boulder, Colorado

James Biggers – Estes Park, Colorado

Cecy Turner – Dallas, TX

Richard Lance Russell – Blanding, Utah

David Peacock – Rhineland, WI

Alex Wicks – Broomfield, CO

Ann Salviazul – Bayfield, Colorado

Susan Haskins – Greeley, Colorado

Lee Macleon – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Lynn Mehta – Alexandria, Virginia

Diane Miller – Abington, MA

Rose Ireland – Poway, CA

Joni Emily – Roxborough, CO

James Sampsel-Port Orford. OR

Katherine Irish – Placitas, New Mexico `

Shelly Howard – Denver, CO

Tatyana Robberts – O’Fallon, IL

Stephen Gary Frisk – Richmond, TX

Bruce Bingham – Austin, TX

Jacob Tarazoff – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Andrea Gabel – Fort Collins, CO

Chrissy Pahucki – New Hampton, NY

Marjorie Shanks – Effie, LA

Cindy Shaw – Boise, ID

Lyndy Bush – Highlands Ranch, CO

Connie Schmidt – St. Louis, Missouri

Julie Draeger – Toledo, Ohio

Charlotte Quist – Dillon, Montana

Celebrating 35 years with a $35 for 35 years campaign!

To celebrate! To celebrate! The Estes Park Art Center celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2022!

The Art Center opened its doors 35 years ago and we want to continue for another 35 years. With the leadership and determination of Chris Switzer and Lynda Vogel, the Art Center opened in May 1987. Leo Weber was the first Chairman of the Board, Lynda Vogel was the Gallery Coordinator, and Chris Switzer signed the lease, opened a bank account, obtained the licenses and did the paperwork for nonprofit status. It was an exciting time for the 21 local artists who sought to share their creative endeavors with the public, as they were not welcome to show their work in existing local galleries. These original 21 artists included names you might remember or own one of their works of art: Dorothy Irvin, basketry; Lynda Vogel, drawing; Leo Weber, furniture; Jay Grooters, Kathy Bradford, Renée Martig, Garth Mudge and Adeline Pyrzynski, glass; RenêeMartig and Elena Willits, jewelry; Mary Hart, Betty Mapes and Bev Taylor, painting; Carolyn Patch Fairbanks, pen and ink; Will Citta, pencil; Dwayne Easterling and James Frank, photography; Karen Dick and Tisha Palmer, pottery; Chris Switzer, weaving and paper; John Lynch, wood; and Charlotte Lloyd, watercolour.

The Art Center was a “Community Art Center”, promoting local and regional artists. Artists were the backbone of the organization, volunteering as board members, willing to run the art center by sitting on the gallery, working on fundraisers, being part of of the exhibition committee, by teaching courses and, above all, by exhibiting their work. This has continued for the past 35 years.

As the Art Center enters its next 35 years, we wish to renew our commitment to the foundation that our original 21 artists established in the Art Center. We want to continue this momentum built on the eagerness of artists to share their passion for artistic creation. We want to renew the original goals on behalf of local artists and regional artists to support and further develop arts education, and continue to be an avenue to the arts in our community supported by community members.

Join us in this effort by donating $35 over 35 years to raise additional funds to continue operating the Art Centre. Donations can be made through the Art Center website (link) or by dropping off a donation at the front desk or by mail to 517 Big Thompson Ave, Unit 245, Estes Park, CO 80517. Thank you for helping us continue to the next 35 years!

Satellite exhibitions

The exhibit at US Bank features Debbie Jansen, a member of the Art Center Artist. VERT offers an updated exhibition of artwork by a number of artist members of the art center. At Estes Park Health, Linda Palmer’s watercolors are on display.