Performance Space announces highly anticipated Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art 2022

Performance Space has announced the program and roster of artists for its eighth year of Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art at Carriageworks and online October 20-30, 2022.

“I couldn’t be more excited that we’re opening the doors – both onsite and virtually – and returning to a full Liveworks festival schedule this year,” said Performance Space outgoing Artistic Director Jeff Khan.

“I hope this year’s Liveworks will be a refreshing and revitalizing experience for audiences and communities, inviting us to consider new perspectives and providing us with the boldest and most adventurous rush of creativity.”

Now in its eighth year, Liveworks 2022 follows two years of Covid-impacted programming that transformed the way the Festival was run, including the introduction of an innovative digital program that debuted in 2020.

This year, the Liveworks program combines the best of these new programming developments with a spirited return to presenting large-scale physical works in Carriageworks spaces – including a range of accessible online events as well as an exhilarating array of in-person installations, performances and experiences created by some of our most visionary contemporary artists.

“Carriageworks is thrilled to host Performance Space’s Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art in 2022,” said Blair French, CEO of Carriageworks.

“Taking place in Carriageworks spaces as well as online, Liveworks 2022 features a stunning suite of experimental art projects that span various genres and offer visitors a glimpse into the future of the arts.”

“Carriageworks is a proud presenting partner of Liveworks and we look forward to welcoming audiences to the Festival in October,” said French.

For Liveworks 2022, Performance Space is expanding its commitment to helping artists create progressive, risk-taking experimental new works and to allow audiences to experience the latest and most exciting new contemporary performances.

This year the Festival sees the return of national and international artists traveling to Sydney to perform live from across Australia, Asia and the Pacific, including Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, Pacific and more.

“A break from the border closures and restrictions of recent years, we are once again welcoming artists from across Australia, Asia and the Pacific to offer a wide range of new artistic work – from intimate to epic,” added Jeff Khan.

“Liveworks 2022 is packed with joyful ways to come together and collectively experience something extraordinary – from bold new music to stunning contemporary dance and performance, captivating installations, artist experiences and conversations about our future. .”

Liveworks 2022 will feature three program streams:

  • LIVE NOW – presenting captivating and daring new experimental art from Asia-Pacific, broadening our perspective on what is possible
  • LIVE DREAMS – a dynamic platform for works in progress, exploring the art of tomorrow
  • LIVE FUTURES – a series of artist-curated conversations about the future

The LIVE NOW program stream features a diverse and inclusive roll call of bold creatives working in the multi-arts sphere:

Sydney-based Australian-Indian dance artist Raghav Handa will present the world premiere of Madness of God – a stunning full-length performance exploring the Baghavad Gita – an ancient Sanskrit text considered one of Hinduism’s most sacred scriptures. Sharp and inventive choreography contrasts with sung and narrated Sanskrit verses, manipulated live to create a sonic expansion of space.

Amrita Hepi, award-winning Australian artist from the Bundjulung/Ngapuhi territories, presents her integral dance work Rinse – an intimate yet epic solo performance based on a dynamic improvisational score that explores early romance and what happens next, when those initial thrills start to fade and inertia takes over. What is there in the beginning that remains intoxicating? The work is co-commissioned by Performance Space, the Keir Foundation and Carriageworks, and produced by Performing Lines.

Jon Rose, legendary Australian experimental musician and composer presents night songs – a remarkable sonic exploration drawn from the extensive field recordings of musicologist Dr. Hollis Taylor of the Australian Pied Butcherbird and performed by eight human musicians, Sydney’s first new music group, Ensemble Offspring.

Daniel Kok (Singapore) & Luke George (Australia), longtime collaborators perform their major new work HUNDREDS + THOUSANDS (an evolving project with a growing number of participants and collaborators around the world), an extraordinary performance for humans and plants, blending choreography, experimental music and installation – with an array of plant species as collaborators, mediators and audience . The public is invited to bring their favorite plant to attend the show with them!

Sophie Penkethman-Young’s witty digital performance examines what loading bars mean – those digital icons that appear when we’re waiting for our apps to load – and how their personality, quirks, smell and function have changed over time. In Progress: Waiting for Waiting is a diary-like live video essay that examines the techno-psychology of the loading bars that soothe us as we wait for our apps to load and our technology to come online. Developed through Performance Space’s LIVE DREAMS platform in 2021, the work makes its world premiere for Liveworks 2022.

day to night – the acclaimed queer dancefloor party experience, returns for Liveworks 2022. Featuring awe-inspiring performances and an explosion of queer joy and friendliness, tickets are on sale now, with the full lineup announced mid-September.

This announcement will also include more details on other Liveworks 2022 LIVE DREAMS streams – Cloister, Tide, IRL – and FUTURES LIVE – Toolbox of the future, Future Truths, Nui Beginnings, Keynote with Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman. Bringing the future of experimental art and creative thinking to the public.

Liveworks 2022 will feature a series of free events and experimental art experiences to welcome audiences home to Carriageworks, including: Rainbow Chan and Sui Zhen alongside DJ Krystel Diola will celebrate the opening night of Liveworks 2022 with pop sounds experimental for Liveworks opening sounds to mark our collective return to life, performance and experimental art. Liveworks Closing Sounds will close the Festival gently on the last Sunday, with the captivating and atmospheric music of Haco & Lisa Lerkenfeldt.

Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman, an Australian-Papuan-New-Guinean artist, will create a major new work, A wheelbarrow, a singing, 19 large-scale shield paintings with sculpture, photography and public space installation at Carriageworks; a major new order from Performance Space and HOTA as part of a new three-year partnership.

Virginia Barratt, Jessie Boylan and Linda Dement are pioneering experimental artists who have been performing since the 90s and are collectively known as the Bone Dirt collective. Their work Breakup is a touching video and performance installation, revealing the ways in which the body and the world mimic each other in states of panic and crisis. Breakup explores how symptoms of environmental and human “disorder” can be seen as an appropriate response to personal trauma and global disasters.

Field Theory is a fearless art collective that has created new work RUSH in collaboration with a diverse group of queer people from different generations. RUSH lovingly reinvents our queer club experience.

After interviewing gay men across Sydney about their nights out – what they love most, what they crave and what’s missing in their club life – RUSH offers audiences a range of different experiences and invites you to choose which ones to choose from. you like the most, creating your own perfect evening.

After nearly 12 years at the helm of Performance Space, Jeff Khan announced in early August that he would be stepping down as Artistic Director and CEO of Performance Space, with Liveworks 2022 a final celebration of his legacy. Jeff serves as Creative Consultant from August 31 through October 31 to oversee the artistic vision for Liveworks 2022.

Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art 2022 is at Body October 20-30 – tickets on sale now. For more information visit: for more details.

Image: Raghav Handa, Madness of GodLiveworks Experimental Arts Festival – photo by Zan Wimberley