Performance Space New York Announces Spring 2021 Lineup

Performance Space New York announces its Spring 2021 lineup, featuring collaborative and connective processes and hybrid projects including virtual and audio forms necessitated by the pandemic while welcoming the public safely into the building.

FRAGMENTED BODY PERCEPTIONS AS HIGHER VIBRATION FREQUENCIES TO GOD, an installation constructed from Kudzu ash, water, seaweed, moss and stone by poet/visual artist Precious Okoyomon brings back the members of the public at Performance Space, transforming it into a space for grief, mourning and catharsis (March 20-May 9).

A supergroup of black female directors, AFROFEMONOMY (including Lileana Blain CruzCharlotte Brathwaite, Eisa Davis, Jackie Sibblies Drury, Aisha Jordan, Joy Lee, April Mathis, Jennifer Harrison new man, Okwui OkpokwasiliStacey Karen Robinson, Kaneza Schaaland others) unite in a reactive collaboration around works of Kathleen CollinsAdrienne Kennedy, and Eisa Davis (March 1-June 27). And the second iteration of Knowledge of Wounds – a ceremony, a digital fire, a call to vibrate in right relationships across Indigenous time and space, hosted by SJ Norman (Koori, Wiradjuri descent) and Joseph M. Pierce ( Cherokee Nation) – reimagines the event as a virtual platform taking place throughout 2021, connecting people around the world and centering Indigenous practices of care, sovereignty and accessibility.

02020, the year-long project in which a group of New York-based artists were invited, along with staff and the board, to review Performance Space New York, ended on schedule at the end of December 2020. But the work continues. The principle goals of 02020 have emerged and many of the reflections from the experiences of the year are materializing through continued engagement. This year, 02020 members are working with staff and the Board to design and implement a slow process that centers deep engagement and conversation with the expanding Performance Space constituencies. This will help reshape the vision and strategic plan for the future by building systems of access, fair employment and life-supporting institutional practices.