Pre-K Creative Play by the Art Center – Saturdays

Socialize and learn new skills with fun art projects exploring different ways to be creative together. Classes explore the outdoors when weather permits, so dress for the mess and the weather. If the weather prevents us from being outside, we play in the spacious room overlooking the lake of the Staring Building. Register child(ren) only. Adults must be present and active with their child(ren) throughout the session. Glass classes must have one adult per child due to the properties of the medium. Registration required.

April 23, discovery of dinosaurs
Play paleontologist and dig up dinosaur ‘artifacts’ to use with air-dry clay to produce unique fossils. Participants then experiment with artifacts as a painting tool to create one-of-a-kind works that explore color and texture. Finish with a bone paint resistant watercolor tape to celebrate all things dinosaur.

May 7, Mother’s Day Self-Care Gifts
Celebrate Mom by creating handmade items that give her the gift of self-care and relaxation. Kids and their adults use a variety of cool materials and processes to create something special. It’s a great class for making surprise Mother’s Day gifts, attending with Mom for a fun experience together, or spending time with that special someone. Possible projects include fizzy bath bombs, candle holders, chore coupons, a lavender-scented eye pillow, decorated candles, a game of tic-tac-toe and more.

May 21, Spring Surprises
Welcome the arrival of spring in all its color and beauty. The projects promise to be colorful and fun, but attendees have to wait until they see what they’re up to! In addition, each young artist decides the direction of their work for the day. Think tie dye, watch it grow, hidden designs and more.

June 11, Celebrate dad, give a gift
Celebrate Father’s Day with a unique gift! Participants work with their adult to paint the underglaze in many fun colors onto a pre-made tile and small dish. Make it a surprise or attend with dad for a special experience together. Each entrant receives one flat tile and one shallow dish that will be baked with a clear, food-safe glaze over their colorful underglaze masterpiece. Completed projects can be picked up during studio hours on Saturday, June 18, just in time to be packed for Dad’s special day.

June 25, Collage-O-Rama
Get your glue on in this super fun collage adventure! Participants experience different styles of layering and collage materials such as paper, paint, stickers, wallpaper and markers. Possible projects include sticker patterns, circle and dot collages, silly self-portraits, and cut-out paper collages.

July 9, Fake Food Fun
Enter the exciting world of cooking and baking through art. Participants explore all things delicious with possible projects such as fantastical candy sculptures, mixed media main courses and more.

July 23, under the sea
Dive and explore amazing creatures large and small that live underwater. Participants experiment with a variety of art materials to develop their fine motor skills. Possible projects include clothespin muncher shark, jellyfish salt paint, painted puffer fish, octopus windsock and more.

August 13, make your own musical instrument
Discover the power and meaning of music from around the world. Participants use everyday materials and art supplies to make their own instruments. The inspiration begins with the cajon from Peru, the didgeridoo from Australia and a shekere from Africa.

August 27, Flying Animals
How do animals fly? Learn about flight and use a variety of art materials to create animals that can fly or move.