Pune gets a new space dedicated to arts, culture and entertainment

Be it theatre, art, music or other performing arts, Pune is undeniably a hive of activity. In an effort to provide a fluid cultural space for artists, well-known television and theater actor Sakhi Gokhale will take on the role of curator for Aayaam, an alternative art venue concept, located on Jungli Maharaj Road.

Aayaam is set to open its doors to art and culture lovers in the city on January 5. The 1,600 square foot space is the brainchild of city entrepreneurs Sayalee Marathe and Jaydeep Hingne, who are the founders of jewelry and fashion brand “House of Aadyaa”. ”.

Aayaam is a Sanskrit word meaning dimension. Sakhi, Creative Director and Chief Curator of Aayaam, said, “Aayaam’s mission is to celebrate the artists of today and invest in those of tomorrow. We have kept the space flowing, so that it can accommodate exhibitions by local artists, artisans from different parts of India, theater tours, trunk shows and book readings, etc. We also have a well-equipped facility with projectors and sound systems to enable film screenings. »

According to Sakhi, although Pune is full of small art venues, there is a dearth of venues with a “premium” element, located in the heart of the city. For her, a place like Aayaam was missing in the vast cultural landscape of Pune. “This city needed a cultural center that was state-of-the-art, but accessible in terms of price and mobility. Aayaam fits this bill perfectly,” she said.

Sakhi completed her post-graduate studies in contemporary art curation at the Royal College of Art in London. Asked how she plans to juggle acting and art conservation, she said, “I’ve always wanted to study and pursue art conservation. This has always been my primary goal. However, I am just as passionate about acting. So, I will now devote equal time to these two careers. Certainly, I should now make critical time management efforts.

Aayaam’s inaugural event would be a 26-day (January 5-30) art exhibition titled “Nayika”, which will feature artwork, crafts and jewelry created by renowned artist Shubha Gokhale.

“Through ‘Nayika’, we take a closer look at Gokhale’s perspective on women and their different environments. The show will feature handpicked artwork from four of its main series, Dehaspanda, Padmini, Meera and Matsyagandha,” Sakhi said.

Looking ahead, a range of high-end retail exhibitions, intimate theatrical performances and film festivals are planned for Aayaam.