The autumn exhibitions will open this Saturday at the Schweinfurth Art Center

The Schweinfurth Art Center is organizing the opening on Saturday August 27, 2022 of its two autumn exhibitions: “Member Show 2022” and “In Conversations with Nature”, a solo exhibition by Syracuse artist Nikolay Mikushkin. An opening reception will be held from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The “Member Show” features artwork by 112 artists, mostly from New York State. They include various media including painting, drawing, sculpture, textile arts, etc.

“They say music practitioners are the best fans of musical performance. Therefore, the same could be said of artists who are the best fans and supporters of visiting museums/art galleries,” said Syracuse artist Sherry Spann Allen. “A Member Show is a wonderful opportunity for hobbyists, hobbyists and professional artists to take this opportunity to inspire and learn as much as possible from each other.”

Forty artists participating in the show are from Onondaga County, 16 from Cayuga County and 12 from Monroe County. New York’s boroughs are home to nine participating artists.

Here are the participating artists from the New York center:

Cayuga County

Karen Bove of Auburn, NY; “South Street Elegance,” 2020; Watercolor

Ed Catto of Auburn, NY; “Unknown Girl”, 2022; Gouache

Marcus DeVoe of Auburn, NY; “Untitled”, 2021; Photograph

Victoria Fitzgerald of Auburn, NY; “Work”, 2022; Acrylic

Patrick Hannay-Zaia of Auburn, NY; “Tubman Home: Interior 1 (in 3D)”, 2022; 3D photography (anaglyph)

Jody Longeill of Auburn, NY; “O day of peace”, 2021; Pastel

Sewall Oertling of Auburn, NY; “Fisherman’s Village”, 2019; Watercolor

Bobbie Panek of Auburn, NY; “Chakras”, 2022; Watercolor

Shirley Penman of Auburn, NY; “Survival”, 2022; Acrylic

Paula Tardibone of Auburn, NY; “Riverview”, 2022; Watercolor

Paul Garland of Fair Haven, NY; “Non-sequential series #22”, 2021; Acrylic

Fred Price of Moravia, NY; “Allies in Wonderland”, 2022; Digital printing

Star Greathouse of Port Byron, NY; “The behavior of trees”, 2022; digital bonding

Howard Bartle of Sterling, NY; “Not So Rustic Table”, 2022; Local hardwoods

Kate Timm of Sterling, NY; “Animal crackers and M&M’s”, 2020; Oil

Bart Wasilenko of Weedsport, NY; “Summer imaginary”, 2022; Acrylic

Madison County

Jen Pepper of Eaton, NY; “Air to Ground,” 2022; Technique Mixte

Onondaga County

Ken Weiman of Baldwinsville, NY; “Summer Flowers”, 2022; Oil

Angela Maroun of Bridgeport, NY; “Coral Reef”, 2022; Fiber

Riccardo Sartor of Camillus, NY; “Woman in White”, 2021; Oil

Joyce Homan of DeWitt, NY; “Collage 2020”, 2020; Technique Mixte

SueEllen Romanowski of East Syracuse, NY; Georgia Girl, 2022; Fiber

Liz Anderson of Fayetteville, NY; “Dog Days”, 2022; Encaustic

Willson Cummer of Fayetteville, NY; “Six Foot #169”, 2021; Photography

This piece, “Animal Crackers and M&Ms”, was created by artist Sterling Kate Timm. It is one of 112 artworks included in “Member Show 2022”. The exhibition will be presented at the Schweinfurth Art Center from August 27 to October 16, 2022.

Jane Verostek of Fayetteville, NY; “COVID Corrosion”, 2022; Sculpture

Mark Teece of Jamesville, NY; “Celebration Bouquet”, 2021; Sculpture

Karen Johns Zarzecki of La Fayette, NY; “The heron and the woman in the moon”, 2019; Alabaster

Barbara Krause of Liverpool; NEW YORK; “Dawn in the Deep Woods”, 2020; Acrylic

Susan Murphy of Liverpool, NY; “Moose River”, 2021; Linocut

Deborah Walsh of Liverpool, NY; “Retrospective”, 2021; Acrylic

Cynthia Wells of Liverpool, NY; “Gray Skies Over County Cork”, 2021; Watercolor

Julia Graziano of Manlius, NY; “Working in red and white”, 2020; Quilt

Susan Griffith of Manlius, NY; “big”, 2022; Bonding

Noel Keith of Manlius, NY; “Blue in green”, 2021; Quilt

Barbara Corey of Marcellus, NY; “Newport”, 2021; fiber art

Timothy Rodrigo of Marcellus, NY; “The Fifth Day”, 2022; Wood

Karen Jean Smith of Marcellus, NY; “Gnarled One”, 2021; Ceramic

David Montminy of North Syracuse, NY; “Mallard in flight”, 2021; Oil

Deborah Connolly of Skaneateles, NY; “Theatre”, 2022; Oil

Erika Fiutak of Skaneateles, NY; “Covid Summer”, 2021; Acrylic

Mary Beth Haswell of Skaneateles, NY; “Summer Day”, 2020; fiber arts

Laurel Moranz of Skaneateles, NY; “Waffle Weave Variations,” 2020; Hand woven fiber

Roberta Ripberger of Skaneateles, NY; “Blue Vase Series I”, 2022; Watercolor

Peter Allen of Syracuse, NY; “Standing stone, 6/22”, 2022; Pastel

Victoria Bartling of Syracuse, NY; “Paper Doll”, 2021; Assembly

Marna Bell of Syracuse, NY; “Surf Avenue. Brooklyn Aquarium”, 2019; To print

Carol Boyer of Syracuse, NY; “Total Loss”, 2022; fiber art

Lauren Bristol of Syracuse, NY; “Chronology”, 2021; fiber art

Michael Carapella of Syracuse, NY; “Sheltered from the Wind”, 2022; Acrylic

Diana Godfrey of Syracuse, NY; “Blue Aggregate”, 2020; Technique Mixte

Cheryl Molesky of Syracuse, NY; “The Lady of the Forest”, 2021; textiles

Paul Molesky of Syracuse, NY; “The Lost House”, 2022; Ceramic

Kevin Roberts of Syracuse, NY; “Summer,” 2022; Saori weaving

Penny Santy of Syracuse, NY; “The Anchor”, 2021; Oil

Sherry Spann Allen of Syracuse, NY; “Journey”, 2020; Wood

Denise Dolge of Tully, NY; “Distant Fields #8”, 2021; Pastel

Grant Dolge of Tully, NY; “Untitled”, 2022; Technique Mixte

Oswego County

James Leach of Pennellville, NY; “Late morning, early winter”, 2021; Oil

In conversation with nature

This piece, “Fall in Williamstown”, was painted by Syracuse artist Nikolay Mikushkin in 2021 on land he owns in Williamstown, NY. “In Conversations with Nature”, Mikushkin’s solo exhibition of outdoor oil landscapes, will be on view at the Schweinfurth Art Center from August 27 to October 16, 2022.

A solo exhibition of outdoor oil paintings by award-winning artist Nikolay Mikushkin, a native of Kazakhstan who studied art in Russia and emigrated to the United States in 1996, is also opening.

“I consider myself an outdoor landscaper, with my work unified from this special and original dialogue I have with nature,” says Mikushkin in his artist statement. “I have always been passionate and fascinated by the rural environment. From finding the perfect spot for my paintings to getting the adrenaline rush when the weather changes, I haven’t stopped painting outdoors for 40 years.

Both exhibitions will be on display until October 16, 2022.

Another exhibition will open on September 2, 2022, as part of our First Friday festivities. The Auburn Community Forest Art Show, sponsored by the City of Auburn’s Department of Engineering Services, features artistic renditions of some of the city’s most famous trees created by local and regional artists. Several works of art will be exhibited in Schweinfurth’s Gallery Julius.

Auburn Community Forest Art Exhibit

Auburn artist Arthur Hutchinson created this piece, “Two Boys Playing Under Cayuga Museum Gingko,” for a special Auburn-wide exhibit featuring renderings of some of the most famous trees in the city. The exhibit will be on view at the Schweinfurth Art Center, Equal Rights Heritage Center, Willard Memorial Chapel, Cayuga Museum of History & Art, and Café 108 through September.

Schweinfurth’s First Friday event runs from 5-7:30 p.m. on September 2. The event is free and light refreshments will be available.

The galleries are open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Admission is $10 per person for exhibits in Schweinfurth, or $15 per person for admission to Schweinfurth and the Cayuga Museum of History and Art, located next door. Schweinfurth members, participating artists and children 12 and under are always free. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

For more information on the exhibits, visit the Schweinfurth website at or call 315-255-1553.