“The Hollow”: An art center for everyone

In Statesboro this fall is a community center for multimedia artists. It is called “The Hollow”. This studio is built with the goal of giving artists of all backgrounds a safe place to showcase, promote, and even help compensate artists for their time and effort.

In an interview with the studio’s founder, Willow Farmer, she explains that their goal is to fairly promote all art mediums in the same light to give those who wish to participate an equal chance to thrive. This means that artists in the fields of 2D art, 3D art, animation, game designers, fashion and even literature belong here; with potential for more categories later.

“We want it to be as accessible as possible,” says Farmer. “We all want it to be a safe space as well. So everyone feels welcome. And we don’t want anyone to feel like we’re pushing one specific medium over another. So we want there to be a sense of inclusion and equal support for all of our artists, regardless of the type of art they create.”

Nor will it be a place for fancy art. Farmer also wants to set up books, games and other activities to make it a community space. While anyone would be allowed to attend, there would be exclusive events where you would need a ticket to enter. Farmer explains that in addition, there will be exclusive “members only” events with fun freebies attached to your membership.

“As a regular member of the community, if you’re walking down the street and want to get in (as long as we’re not having a private event), you can get in for free and hang out,” Farmer said.

Farmer claims that those who choose to sell their work to the studio get a 90% cut of their sale, with 10% going back to the studio. However, artists who wish to exhibit their art for “The Hollow” can have it purchased by the community center, so the public can take advantage of events to help showcase the artwork being sold.

Upon opening, “The Hollow” will focus on the first phase of its ongoing mission, which will be to promote itself and educate artists about the existence of the space. The second phase would be to try to do educational activities and provide opportunities for those who want to get involved.

“The Hollow” plans to open around the end of August 2022. Farmer encourages artists interested in participating, or just to find out more, to contact them via Instagram @hollowstudio.ga, or by contacting the studio’s email at [email protected].