The Lab live music and performance space opens this weekend

The new live music and performance space, located in the multifaceted arts venue Light, will be unveiled this weekend, featuring performances from loop magician Adam Page, blues cabaret diva Carla Lippis, techno producer DJ TR!P and more.

Launching this weekend, The Lab is a 300-seat concert venue located in the West End’s new arts hub, Light, and features a performance space lined with 50m² of LED video screens.

The audiovisual installation will allow musicians to incorporate immersive visuals into their sets, or even build a sort of blade runner-esque dystopian neon hellscape, if their art were to demand such a thing.

The Lab is the first part of Light – an ambitious multi-story creative startup – which will open in stages over the next few months.

Light will combine visual arts, food and music under one roof, in a 140-year-old building in Light Square, and will open fully to the public on Thursday, February 24.

The hope is that Light’s multifaceted offering will create a new kind of financial support structure for arts venues.

“If we were just looking at normal eyesight, we wouldn’t be doing this,” says Light co-founder Nick Dunstone, who spoke to CityMag at the location of our next print edition.

“If we all stayed within our limits, no one would try to do anything differently.”

The Lab’s program is hosted by Music SA chairman Anne Wiberg, and this weekend the venue’s bill includes four sessions over two days, featuring London-to-Adelaide electro guru Adam Page. Carla Lippispunchy mixer DJ TR!P, and more. These artists will also play their own signature shows in space later this year.

“We want the place to be an available, accessible and comfortable space where new works are commissioned and where people come to play with technologies that weren’t offered before,” says Anne.

“We want [it] become a destination where people don’t know what to expect… but might go because they know we always have something interesting to do.

The Lab will not be limited to music and will integrate digital arts, theater, video games, dance and classical music in its programming. It will also offer residencies for creatives.

A range of other lab performances were also announced, including Elsy Wameyothe South Australian Drama Theaterthe production of Great North, and electronic music producer from Melbourne Roland Ting.

For more information on the Lab’s launch weekend, visit the website.

You can also read more about light in CityMag‘s Festivals Edition, with the magazine printed in the streets on Thursday 18 February.