The ultimate VR performance space

PRISM is the first virtual world to be released by the metaverse known as Sensorium Galaxy, and it’s a performance club space that you can visit, much like a nightclub. It will host virtual music events with live and recorded performances.

It’s the hub world of Sensorium Galaxy, and in Prism you can interact, dance, and talk to other real-world people in this nightclub environment. It’s a global experience for people to come together with other like-minded and like-minded people.

“Sensorium Galaxy is an entertainment-oriented metaverse, and the social component plays an important role in making these virtual experiences more natural and enjoyable. Inside the metaverse, real users can interact with each other using the chat and voice commands. Alternatively, we also allow interactions with fully autonomous and AI-driven NPCs,” said Matias Lapushin, Head of Content Marketing at Sensorium, in a conversation with me.

What’s really interesting here is that it’s an entertainment environment populated by both real people and AI avatars. We are entering a world where we have a seamless integration of real people and AI-generated people interacting in an entertainment environment.

Lots of people are using AI assistants with Alexa, Siri and OK Google, but this is the first time we’ve been partying alongside AI-driven characters, which creates a whole new atmosphere.

Sensorium also has Starship (another Sensorium location) says it best: “Starship was designed as a transfer to the Sensorium Galaxy. Virtual and real DJs, dancers, exclusive performances, amazing interiors, friendly chats with real users and NPCs – maximum socialization and all kinds of entertainment. You can have a private cabin and build your virtual alter ego there, customize it and dress it up.

Sensorium has partnered with The Night League and High Scream, creators of the mythical Ushuaïa Ibiza.

Currently, this list includes Carl Cox, Charlotte DeWitte, Eric Prydz, Nina Karaviz, Black Coffee, Armin van Buuren, and more.

“These performances will be released one by one, so yes, they will all become available on different dates. However, once the shows are introduced, they will become available as part of an on-demand library for users to experience at their convenience” , said Matias.

Charlotte de Witte x Sensorium Galaxy

It’s a huge multi-level electronic music club with people dancing on big floating bridges, and the Meteor Vortex has already launched in streaming video format. Everything is depicted as happening in the Meteor Vortex performance space and it serves as the current framework for the entire environment.

The best part of this experience is that you can accomplish things that are next to impossible in the real, physical world.

Visualize these things happening…people from all over the world are connecting in this huge space, from all of their earthly locations. Meet new people all over the planet for club nights (and days lol) where you tune into the Sensorium. Witness stunning DJ performances, either in real time or during a previously recorded performance.

The Sensorium website describes it by saying, “The seismic electromagnetic waves and the power of the sound frequencies work here in such a way that the whole landscape is transformed under their influence. Since in combination with creativity and technologies, each artistic performance becomes truly unique and inimitable”

It’s time to get excited. Sensorium is gearing up for launch…