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Collectibles celebrating a host of pop culture characters and properties are on display from the Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo 2020 exhibit. (File photos)

PARKERSBURG – Superheroes, adventurers, warriors and their fans return to the Parkersburg Art Center on Saturday for the 2022 Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo.

The show took place in 2020 just before pandemic restrictions put a stop to many activities. In 2021, art center and show runner Tony Workman, owner of Classic Plastics Toy Store, has chosen to transform the annual event from a two-day gathering into a month-long exhibition celebrating works of art. , cosplay, sculpture and other items related to his subject. question.

While Workman was happy to continue the tradition that began in 2015 with the PAC ComDioBotCos Show last February, he’s excited to return to a full-fledged convention this year.

“It’s great to be able to start again at full speed” he said. “Having to not do it was definitely a bummer.”

The hope was always to return for 2022.

“We had it on the schedule the whole time, we fixed it. But I think we just started planning it for real about three months ago,” said the workman.

In addition to vendors selling toys, video games, comic books and more, the show will once again welcome professional wrestling guests. Paul Ellering was the longtime manager of tag team Road Warriors, with whom he was inducted into the Pro Wrestling and WWE Hall of Fame, and now manages NXT’s Pain Writers. Longtime wrestling referee Earl Hebner oversaw several landmark WWE events and served as the main referee for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling for over a decade.

“He’s been a referee at a lot of different companies for a lot of different games,” said the workman.

Things have not fully returned to pre-pandemic conditions. The show will only last one day instead of two, and there will be slightly fewer vendors to allow people to space out a bit more, Workman said. Masks are recommended but not required, and hand washing and other hygiene practices are encouraged.

Food will still be available, with Jimmy Avocado serving as the first-time vendor.

The exhibit is scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday at the Art Center at 725 Market St. A list of scheduled vendors can be found on the Classic Plastics Toy Expo Facebook Expo page.

People can also join Downtown PKB’s Savor Saturday promotion from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

More information is available at or on the organization’s Facebook page.

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