Ukiah Arts Center Celebrates ‘The Face of Love’ – The Ukiah Daily Journal

Organizers of the Art Center Ukiah show had to think fast to save their scheduled show in February, which had to be canceled due to the new strain of COVID and the growing number of infections in our county. According to show organizer Jacquie Lolich, “We just couldn’t risk exposing performers, models and the public at our usually crowded ‘Quick Draw’ event with live models and at least a dozen performers. .” She continues, “None of our portraitists wanted to draw masked models, and we just couldn’t think of a responsible way to make this event work.”

‘Joe Wagner, the Beekeeper’ by Gene North

The Art Center board members met in early January to come up with a quick plan B, and it won’t disappoint. “The face of love” is the new theme, which gives more than a nod to the previous portrait drawing theme. Three of the walls of the Art Center space will be covered with faces… portraits in all known mediums, by a wide variety of local artists. All board members have personally reached out to artists they know to submit their work and create a live performance. All that will be missing is the pleasure of watching the portraits being created in real time.

‘Kiss: It’s the Only Thing We Can Still Do’ by Laura Fogg

The other aspect of “The Face of Love” is, of course, LOVE. February being Valentine’s month, it couldn’t be overlooked… after all, love is in the air. Jacquie decided to dedicate an entire wall to all expressions and celebrations of love, “especially in red”, she smiles. Board member Katie Gibbs adds, “You never know who will be on our shows or what they’ll bring, but it’s guaranteed to be both interesting and unexpected.

The first Friday opening of “The Face of Love” is February 4 from 5-8 p.m. Live music will be provided throughout the evening by Pierre Archain.

Art Center Ukiah is located behind the Corner Gallery at 201 S. State St. in Ukiah. Masks and social distancing are required for the safety of all attendees.