With ongoing leaks, Art Center hopes to have a new roof this summer – Albert Lea Tribune

A new roof will soon be installed at the Albert Lea Art Center.

“We knew we needed a new roof when we bought the art center,” said Beth Tostenson, the center’s artistic director. “But with all the rain, we had a lot of water leaks all over the art center.”

As recently as Thursday, members of the Art Center board of directors were there to clean up.

“We had puddles, we have damage to the back,” she said. “I hope we have a new roof inside [June].”

According to Charlene Marley, artistic administrator of the center, the repairs will cost $66,000.

The money to fix the roof will come from grants, donations and member money from a capital campaign, as well as a roof campaign last year.

Currently, the center is awaiting the arrival of some insulation.

“As soon as that happens, they’ll start with the roof,” Tostenson said.

After that, carpet squares will be added. Tostenson said a furnace and cooling system will also be installed after the roof replacement.

The center also wants to install a kitchenette and modernize the bathrooms.

“There are little projects we want to do,” Marley said.

Marley said when the organization bought the building in 2018, members knew the roof needed work and would need to be replaced in three to five years.

“Periodically there was a leak about two years after the building was purchased,” Marley said. “We would find places where there were leaks and all that.”

It was in the winter of 2019-20.

“We had a lot of snow that year, it was just a big snow event,” she said. “Then it melted all at once, and that’s when we started noticing that there were stains in certain areas that were going through the tile, and then it slowly started to leak through there. .”

Tostenson said it has gotten significantly worse recently.

“When we had the roofing company install it on the roof, they noticed that some of the tar paper underneath was brittle so it was pulling away from the side of the building or the front or around the roof. air conditioning unit,” Marley said. “So the deterioration of the material started to really take effect.”

The contractor for the project is Greener World Solutions, which replaced the roof of the American Legion and the Albert Lea Y family.

If you would like to donate, you can mail a check to PO Box 313, 101 S. Broadway or visit the Art Center website to pay by credit card. The organization is also on givemn.org.